Rus News Journal

Tenants of the house became captives of an old poplar

the Huge branch only by miracle has pressed down nobody. The gale-force wind played before a thunder-storm on night on Tuesday, has broken the decayed trunk.   with a terrible crash the branch has fallen down the earth. Thus broken top has rested against a door of an entrance and a window on the ground floor, hardly without having squeezed out it. To owners of the cars which have parked under a tree, truth, has carried - the tree only has slipped on bumpers, without having rumpled them. But for work they had to go on foot.

-                 Already two bottoms we hardly   we get out of an entrance, - inhabitants of the house are indignant. - called in Todez and in Service of the customer any reaction supposedly you not concern us!

And only after a call to rescuers where sincerely were surprised to the request, - to clean the fallen trees not their work - two hefty good fellows - kommunalshchika have come and have begun to fuss round a branch.

-                 For a long time it is time to cut these old a poplar! - Anna Stepanovna of Hulks, the pensioner living in the same court yard complains. - here such rotten trees know how much! At us and the decision already is from administration, on July, 15th should clean them. To sense - that!

the Branch have sawn only this morning, the frightened tenants of the house with fear wait for the following thunder-storm - a strong flaw now can tumble down all broken poplar.