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the Automobile House Ukraine opened new interior of Mercedes-Benz

In the Automobile House Ukraine entering in structure of Corporation Γ, on August, 7th 2009 solemn opening of new conceptual interior of Mercedes-Benz took place.

the Total floor space a showroom is increased from former 920 sq. m to 1900 sq. m. Despite the former address - Capital highway 90, in the Automobile House « » the new interior of Mercedes-Benz personifying the current technologies, and innovative solutions in design was opened by the luxury, definition and severity of lines conforms to high standards of style shtuttgartskogo Mercedes-Benz brand.

Feature new a showroom is that it is conditionally shared on zones where cars of a business class, a premium-segment, AMG, off-road cars and the commercial engineering are presented. Thanks to the much bigger area, without going out on the open areas, clients can familiarise with a complete lineup of the cars presented in Ukraine, including the latest innovations of the world of Mercedes-Benz, such as the E-compartment and the renovated S-class.

Show-rum on 30 cars, service centre with track capacity to 100 cars in day, 38 working posts, a spacious parking for clients – it is and many other things capable to strike imagination of the most tempted and exacting. The service centre arranged by last word technicians, deserves the separate description. The servicing top quality is invariable, absence of the turns, the operational mode convenient for clients and set of additional services stress privileges of holders of Mercedes-Benz.

Besides registration, the interior changed and is functional, thanks to integrating a showroom with service now to clients is ensured fast and an unimpeded access to service of passenger automobiles, in department of sale of running spares and accessories. « the principle by which we were administered at designing of new interior, is an openness to our clients. As acknowledgement of it that fact can serve that any visitor of our enterprise can watch of a complete cycle of processes at our enterprise as service and interior do not share the closed walls, and mounted on « » over service, it is possible to watch of servicing process » - Alexander Shapran, the director of the Automobile House « » commented; .

that all these changes very positively affect on « » Is important also; scrambling with the grey market, after all any grey dealer cannot « » Such material base, applied technologies, highly qualified personnel, as official. For example, sales « c » the market of the Kiev region fell more than to 78 % while recession of official sales of Mercedes-Benz much less and constitutes about 53 %.

Alexander Ganievas Photo