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the best cars on the Parisian autoshow Are determined

The American weekly AutoWeek declared winners of nominations «an edition Award» following the results of recent Parisian autoshow-2008. Here already more than ten years this log-book studies similar autoshows in Detroit, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo, choosing winners in four categories:« The best demonstrating “,“ the Most significant “,“ the Best kontsept “,“ the Most beautiful ».

« Лучшая демонстрация »
Lamborghini Estoque : « И though the project only is finished, Estoque really has worthy вид » .Соперниками in this nomination there were Ferrari California, Saabs 9-X Air, and BMW 7-series

« Наиболее значительный »

Honda Insight : « Этот the hybrid car will be cheaper than Prius, more economic and five-seater. Honda officially returned to game where is usual owned ситуацией » ! Claimants for this nomination were Audi A1 Sportback, Pininfarina Bollore, Mercedes Fascination and Volkswagen Golf.

« Лучший концепт »

Peugeot RC HyMotion4 : « Если the French auto makers would bring it to the USA, it just that Americans want. It is an electrical sports car, which so here любят » . Contenders for « Лучший концепт » Were Honda Insight, Mercedes Fascination, Audi A1 Sportback and Saab 9-X Air.

« Самый красивый »

Audi S4 : « S4 – it is a missile which is beautiful and economic. The car is good on all фронтам » . Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse, Ferrari California, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Lexus IS250C were claimants for this nomination also.