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the Championship of Poland on rally: Yury Protasov on a podium after emergency!

Despite the emergency which has happened on first dope Rallies of Rzheshuva-2010, the Championship which was the next stage of Poland on rally, Yury Protasov with Adrianom Aftanazivym could finish on a podium of class N4.

In Polish superiority fair separate offset for the pilots acting on technician S2000 and N4, though and against « » is led; the Ukrainians acting on Mitsubishi Evo 9, looked absolutely not bad.

After the departure and damage of an afterpiece of the car Yury Protasov could reach finish of 1st SOU, losing on it less than minute! On service the car has been repaired, however small problems with the suspension pursued the Ukrainian till the end of race and it has been forced to go with reinsurance. But even in such conditions in the first day it regularly got to a mainmast head-10 and could mount with 15th on 10 place in the absolute and 4 in a class.

In the second day Protasov was expedited and on the first SOU 6th finished in the absolute of all in 16 sekunddah from the best time and could anticipate all competitors on a class except the leader. Under this pressure going the third and anticipating all for 19 seconds of Ukrainians of Kamil Butruk is mistaken and gets to serious emergency, the blessing without consequences for crew health. From this point on Yury needed to reach simply stably to finish that it and made, showing stably 8 time in the absolute and the third in a class. As result – 7 place in general offset and the third in class N4.

the Descent for technical reasons completed departure after an one-year-old break in classical rally for Russian Alexander Zheludova to whom Ukrainian Irina Kolomijtseva assists. All first day Alexander got used to the car of category S2000 new to it Ford Fiesta and to an asphalt coat on which the pilot and at all did not act already couple of years. After 13-11 times by the end of the first day it began to show 7 in the absolute and took 7 place in general offset and 4 in a class.

However problems with engineering since the morning of the second day stopped the Russian. And the triple Champion of Poland - Frenchman Brian Bufe behind whom remains 7 of 12 SOUS of race benefited in race after magnificent duel with Kaetanom Kaetanovichem. The Pole was the best on four SOUS and as a result yielded Bufe of only 15 seconds, however it is impossible to forget that « » (Subaru Imreza) acts on technician N4 and it became the winner in the given class with stunning superiority almost 4 minutes over nearest of schoolmates and almost five over Ukrainians.

the author of a photo: Oleg Rybak