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Today berries in the market will rise in price

this year their crop is not has gone right

- Here it chernichka! - the fellow admired, considering on Leninsk the market large beautiful berries.

- Yes it chernoplodnaja the mountain ash, - has cooled its delight the saleswoman. - a bilberry - that already comes to an end, still a week - and all.

Already now, speak, if where this berry and remained, - just on the Finnish road. Therefore last remains that was possible to take out from hills, stand not less than 120 re for litre. (However, there are dealers - wholesalers : at them a five-litre bucket - 500 roubles.) By the way, on days off when in the market there will be an especial flow of buyers, the prices will grow up on 5 - 7 percent.

But one leaves, another comes: all the September long in Murmansk it is possible to collect a cowberry. And by the end of month it becomes much more tasty, Gennady Kuzmin, the chief specialist of department of protection of agency lesopolzovanija and the account of wood fund on Murmansk area has assured us.

Already now the city markets offer this berry on 50 roubles for litre, and the price will grow only: alas, a cowberry crop not so big.

- Usually on that party of a gulf, on Abram - Cape, it is a lot of berries, - Ljubov Ivanovna trading in wood gifts has shared, - and here literally yesterday went - almost anything is not present. But it is necessary to find! Brusnichka such useful. Know, what of it jam turns out? All the winter long it is possible to eat and not to be ill.

Now, according to the chief specialist of agency lesopolzovanija and the account of wood fund of Olga Onufrienko, the most good cowberry plantations can be found in a direction to to the Martha and on the Finnish road. There there are old wood cuttings down which and are rendered habitable more often by a lazy berry. The matter is that the cowberry bears fruit year, and two - has a rest. And if to consider, as in 2004 - m she did not aspire to please us abundance in 2006 - m it is possible to wait for a normal crop!

But the Karelian cowberry and the size, and on flavouring qualities has overtaken ours this year. It is that basically and will sell in the Murmansk markets, and it is expensive enough: 150 - 180 roubles for litre. And by the end of October of the price can read off scale and for two hundreds rublikov. So it is better to be reserved by a berry. Under forecasts of Murmansk meteorologists, for these days off frosts will mention only extreme severo - the area West in the Nickel direction.