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Competition KP: I and velikiesharl Aznavur became my rival, without suspecting about it

Charles Aznavur became my rival, without suspecting about it

Hello, ! Nikolay Bogdanov, your constant reader call me. With interest I read a heading I and great . Has remembered, as in my life occurred, stories, anyhow, connected with great people.

the Mysterious photo

we have got acquainted With the future spouse in pionerlagere in Sochi. Having returned therefrom, have agreed to meet. I finished study in average morehodke and as it is necessary to the cadet, shone, as a copper five-copeck coin. Has come to it on a visit, pochaevnichali. Began to look back: where I am that for furniture in a room, what books on regiments. I see: on a bedside table - a framework with a photo. On it - the young-looking man, sits half-turned with a cigarette in a hand. The dandy, I think. And it would be desirable to ask: Who is it a relative or the acquaintance? In one of visitations has not sustained and has asked: what for the guy? Sympathy, having noticed my trouble concerning the rival, has responded: Yes so, one acquaintance . Well, I think, get you to me, supostat the damned...

I Look in the next visit, and the photo - that is not present. Well, I think, washing took!

Has passed some years, we have already got married, incident it was forgot And here on television there is a transfer about the French chansonniers: Edit Piaf, Marej Matyo. And here I have learnt in one of singers of the former rival is there was Charles Aznavur. Well, have laughed with all the heart! Till now I remember with a smile this ridiculous case.

As I was Leonid Kuravlyov

There was it about 20 years ago. I then prosecuted subjects of development of oil and gas branch on a shelf of the Arctic seas. Have invited me to Vladivostok, to the international conference on a problem of development of world ocean. It was necessary to fly all night long.

the Neigbour in an armchair, the beautiful woman in the form of the lieutenant colonel of militia, as well as I, have soon fallen asleep. Has woken us, submitting a night meal, the flight attendant. Militsionersha, having got accustomed to me, began to ask insinuatingly questions, naming me Leonid. And questions as one - about films where actor Leonid Kuravlyov acted in film. I have seen - it has accepted me for the actor. Used to say and earlier that at me with it any vernal similarity was Well, I think, I will accompany it. On a question, what for I go to Vladivostok, has responded - to act in a film about fishermen. A pier, I will play the boatswain of a mother ship on which one women work. In general, such burnt ladies` man, at which wives and children in each port. And the film, say, comes to an end with that women in revenge for incorrectness go into me in the big wooden butt with a salty roll. I have invented, and the woman has taken all seriously. On approach to Vladivostok my monologue was torn off by the flight attendant, having asked passengers to fasten belts. Here I admitted, what not Kuravlyov, and other person. In reply to bewilderment from the neigbour even the passport has shown. She, as - that has disappointedly burst out laughing, warmly having said goodbye to me, probably, all - taki regretting that I not that

Strezhelchik have greeted, as with the old acquaintance

Moscow. Coming back from business trip to Murmansk, I should meet at station the colleague and pass something important of documents. Has arrived on station in good time and therefore walked about on platforms, examining passengers. Suddenly I see: towards to me goes, without hurrying up, statnyj the man in a hat, through the left hand will throw darkly - grey colour a raincoat, and in right - a massive cane. Very familiar, almost the native. I think, whence I know? I do not remember, but I know: so it is close that the soul is broken off. Having overtaken it, I have greeted. The man in a hat has stopped, has raised it and, smiling, has greeted me as with the old friend - and has walked further, but is already more vigorous.

Tormentingly I remember, who it?! Has remembered. Same the actor of theatre of a name Tovstonogova Vladislav Strezhelchik. Yes I it saw recently in performance Hanuma . He there played a role of the poor Georgian prince, which on kvazimodine and for money prosvatala, and then and ozhenila Hanuma. Oh, spectators also laughed. Great was, great and there will be a national actor of the USSR Vladislav Strezhelchik already only living in a fit of temper yes of memory national.

I Want to tell words

we wish happy birthday Katenku Chupinu!

it is joyful today everything,
And at us on persons light:
we Mark exactly seven,
thy Seven perfect years!
Cheerful and vigorous, always in a circle of friends,
For boys and girls - it is always full of inventions!
be the girlfriend and the assistant
to the Mummy you in a family!
always with same bodroju
the Smile upon the face!

Irina and Ilya.

we Want to congratulate with the first family anniversary Aleshu and Olju Koshcher!
Has passed exactly year from the date of wedding of this remarkable young pair! We wish spouses of good luck, mutual understanding, love and tenderness for many long years!

Loving parents - Taisija Koshcher, Ilya Koshcher.