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In defeat scouts are guilty the Moscow stoppers

the First stage of the Cup of Russia on bandy - 1:13 not in our advantage

On Sunday AMNGR has lost to the command Sharp-sighted from a Krasnogorsk with the devastating bill 1:13. The unique ball in gate of the rival was thrown by Peter Shirokov. And yesterday murmanchane have met with Chita Zabajkaltsem . And again without success - 2:4.

- the First time in game with Zabajkaltsem it has turned out crumpled, - the head coach " admitted to us by phone; AMNGR - Murman Victor Ovdejchuk. - But it is necessary to blame for it not the command, and the Moscow stoppers. We before game in them have got stuck at two o`clock. As stadium have reached, then on ice! Even had not time to be kneaded. But in the second time were played, still hardly - hardly - and would win!

Victor Anatolevich does not consider Devastating Sunday defeat as tragedy:

- Sharp-sighted - One of the world best teams! At them five hockey players of Sweden national team, 3 - Russian national team, on 1 - from national teams of Finland and Norway play. Such it is not a shame to lose. And at us money for legionaries of the higher league is not present. And ice preparation to us has not sufficed. So a cup - only pristrelka. The Overall objective - to be prepared for the championship of Russia.

Today our hockey players will battle with Kazan the Rocket . According to Ovdejchuka, for a basis of tactics it takes a play of the team in the second time with Zabajkaltsem . And someone in the field does not leave the players who have not justified trainer`s trust at all.