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the Car is not on sale even for 3 million!

winners have refused such sum Arktik trofi the miracle which has collected - the cross-country vehicle

this year to racers traditional Arktik trofi it was necessary more difficult, than in the past: the summer was damp, roads and bogs have become limp, small rivers which should be forced, became deep. And so on all line in length almost in one thousand kilometres - from Umby to German peninsula. There was even a site directly over a precipice, on Umbozersky pass. You will break - you will fall directly in water. Itself, can, still you will come up, and the car not to get any more.

- On the way to peninsula we have got stuck German in small ozerke, - Marina Dolgireva, the mechanic of crew Monchegorsk off - roud - club " remembers murmanchanka; Lapland - one of two ladies participating in race 15 - ti crews. - water has filled in salon on the wheel. And doors - that are blocked Eventually, all of us have managed to get out in water and have got out on coast. And ours the UAZ have pulled out from lake by two cars.

- the Woman - the mechanic on a line Arktik - trofi is impresses As coped with repair?

- Yes I did not repair, - the racer is over-modest. - only details submitted In the car, of course, I understand hardly more than other girls. But I am not able to drive

Victory has got to Petersburgers - the command the Dark blue Behemoth (by the way, to beginners in Arktik - trofi ) . Their car with honour delivered to the area Five corners where there passed rewarding ceremony. And on the trailer: for asphalt this miracle of technics is not necessary.

- We built its half a year! On a line it moves very slowly because it is specially adapted for a slow speed on a dirt, - the navigator of the command Vladimir Ljahov shares with us. - so we by one car - on bogs, on another on asphalt.

to Repair the cross-country vehicle to the Dark blue behemoth practically it was not necessary - for all tysjachekilometrovuju a line have lost only one shock-absorber. To race measures, even it is impossible to consider it as breakage. But also has left on its construction about 50 thousand dollars In one of races on Ladoga to Vladimir its participants - Englishmen - have offered for it of hundred thousand.

- has not sold, it is a pity! - the winner smiles.

Trofi - spot-check Arktik trofi - The original card of our area for motorists of Russia, Holland, Poland, Finland, other countries. Only we in the Polar region have a universal combination of bogs, mounts, tundra and woods where it is possible to check up almost any car on durability. The idea of this race was born for the first time at murmanchanina Evgenie Vedernikov - on the to Oise he wandered on godforsaken places of Kola peninsula to find a suitable extreme route for the car to which it would be not a shame to invite professional racers. The first race has taken place in 1994 and since then became annual.

is a project for entertainment, - Anna Safonova, the representative on club public relations " explains; Arktik - trofi . - We will organise this race for the sake of the race, an extreme, association of people, congenial.