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Serial nasilnikaprjachut in the separate chamber?

the maniac terrorising Vladivostok, is caught

In Vladivostok the tyrant bossing in area Baljaeva (", at last, is caught; in detail wrote about it in numbers for February, 28th, on March, 3rd and 17). Four months sexually anxious citizen terrorised area literally - only officially to it is made about 50 managed and unfortunate rapes (and after all for certain many preferred not to declare in militia). A part of the suffered girls yet have not reached majority.

According to victims, sex - the terrorist tracked down the lonely woman, made up for it behind, put a knife then did the dirty work to a throat. However, now, after capture, it was found out that the tyrant did not use a knife - it is characteristic burnt a victim for a skin on a neck, paternal the girl had a sensation of the put edge.

Victims was so much that business has called a huge public resonance. In operation on capture of the criminal it has been involved more than hundred militiamen. Field investigators suited round-the-clock ambushes around Mine small town, hoping to track down it.

On all city the identikits of the maniac made according to victims have been stuck. At neighbouring schools at lessons OBZH of the teacher gave to schoolgirls of lecture how correctly to behave at a meeting with the tyrant.

Twice in mass-media it was informed that the tyrant is detained, and it was twice found out that it not it. And here the new message: IT have caught. Operation, by the way, was spent operatively - the search part specialising on investigation of custom-made murders. And the further consequence thanks to public stirrings will conduct department on especially important issues of regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

- we have all bases to assume that that tyrant this time is caught, - has assured the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of edge Irina Nomokonova . - It has already given evidences, interrogations proceed.

As we know, the arrested person sits separately from other prisoners - detectives very much are afraid for his life and health and are afraid that it can not live to court.