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For a pseudo-bomb now give term

Polar telephone terrorists have decided to punish surovee

in March, having accepted on a chest, the inhabitant of settlement Mishukovo Aleksandr Mitkinyh has decided to engage in hooliganism - has dialled number 01 also has told: In a building of October court in Murmansk the bomb " is put;. All disturbing services Into place have there and then left. The call has appeared false. The hooligan have calculated and have put in order in a pre-trial detention centre. Business have passed in court, and here a sentence - 1,6 years conditionally.

In a hall of court of Alexander have released from - under guards. Besides, Mitkinyh should refund to the state all expenses for the arranged alarm.

the Sentences which are taken out in area for such, if one may say so, childish pranks, all become more rigid. So, when the schoolgirl 13 - j schools last year has called on change from a mobile phone on 02 also has told that in an office of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs there is a bomb, it was only passed Under supervision of parents for one year . Probably, that the fifteen-year maiden poroli more often. Plus have awarded reimbursement of leaving services - about 4500 roubles.

Considering a tendency, will be it is no wonder that is fast those who thinks out stories about nonexistent bombs, begin to put in order for a lattice on - to the present. And here - new applicants. Yesterday somebody has called in dezhurku the Lipetsk Municipal Department of Internal Affairs: the pier, is mined a train Murmansk - Novorossisk . Structure have stopped, on railway station of Lipetsk police squads, FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Measures have come tearing along Checked two hours, but have found nothing. Now search for pseudo-terrorists.