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How will carry townspeople after September, 15th?

the New scheme which has called so rough reaction of our readers, will confirm tomorrow. The day before we have met the chairman of the commission, the first deputy of the mayor of Murmansk Yury Grishkinym

1. Where there will be new routes?

- During 3 - 4 years will be under construction a trolleybus line in a direction of Rosty, will pass along the street Lobov. The contact network will connect Charles Marx`s street and a present route “ three “. At us the new trolleybus route is already provided and shortchanged. To the new transport scheme of Murmansk has already shown interest large business from Moscow, Petersburg. Today carriers know, in what to put up money - naturally, in high-capacity buses. After all the ten - " is more favourable to transport one hundred people by the big bus, than; the Gazelle “.

- Also put?

- Will put. Going on competition and winning this or that prize, they will be informed that under the transport scheme the route provides the big buses.

2. A leah remain 51 - j and 10 - j?

- Anybody is not going to remove them. But the matter is that developed Sankt - the Petersburg institute of architecture the transport scheme does not provide “ GAZELLES “ creating the big problems at a traffic. Therefore they will be smoothly, within several years to be forced out from the most extended routes by private high-capacity buses. And on some routes, where use “ GAZELLES “ expediently, they will be saved and in the future.

3. Why the scheme have not developed earlier?

- Problems with a municipal transportation have begun after a monetization when it was necessary to carry set of exempts, and the regional budget has ceased dotirovat a motorcade 1118 and MUP “ Electrotransport “. At us now from - for this 26 million loss on bus transportations and 30 million - on trolleybus. Therefore the general director of a motorcade Vyacheslav Larichev also has decided to close unprofitable routes นน 4, 13, 24, 25 which the majority of exempts uses. Complaints fell down, and it was necessary to develop the new scheme - it is necessary after all that both citizens were happy, and transport workers to themselves at a loss did not work.

4. As well as who will supervise private carriers?

- With them we will conclude written contracts. The admission on routes - only on competition. Besides, on each route there will be only one private carrier. It begins to be responsible for a movement interval, serviceability of transport, qualification of drivers, route scheduling. We to it will add automatic scheduling: Each carrier under the contract will be obliged to have the electronic chips by the buses, all deviations from the schedule will be automatically passed sms - messages in service 051. If they exceed the norm specified in the contract (deviations from the schedule which will define depending on a route - taking into account stoppers, ice and etc. - Red), it already the basis for its cancellation. The carrier should have car wash, entrance and target engineering control, base of maintenance service. Besides, we work together with traffic police, rigidly supervising owners of minibuses. The mayor has made the decision: from the beginning of the next year at the expense of the budget to contain three more established posts of employees of traffic police which will be engaged in additional control of minibuses.

5. A leah private traders will carry exempts?

- Yes, some carriers - from Frolov`s street to regional hospital. Certainly, it is work at a loss, but we will think over the scheme which will allow private traders to cover it. Exempts from other areas will reach in “ Hospital small town “ by trolley buses or buses of a motorcade 1118.

Dear readers! Before tomorrow`s session of the commission you have time to express the opinion on the mentioned questions. Call by us in edition to phone (8152 45 - 84 - 45.