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Arieses love mows, and fishes - monasteries

Where to have a rest to different zodiac signs

the Aries

Obstinate Arieses adore to overcome difficulties. With their bread do not feed, only allow to get on any remote rock or to go down in a diving cave. If they remain in a city, with pleasure polazajut on the local water drain. Abroad, if money allows, Arieses will not pass exotic shows, for example, bullfight and will by all means play in a smart casino. There is no money - Arieses will fine spend time in village th haymaking, and then and on a mow. Where it is necessary to visit: England, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Syria, Turkey, Spain, Crete.

Where to go in Murmansk area: Monchegorsk with its old mine NittisKumuzhe, man-made caves of times of the Great Patriotic War in Pechengsky area, the highest point of Kola peninsula - top of Judychvummchorr in Hibinah.

a Taurus

the Taurus first of all appreciates comfort, therefore even tent at it the most convenient. It sights not especially interest. Unique trips which are pleasant, this visitation of museums and exhibitions. And to buy works of art. Well and, of course, restaurants - Tauruses adore to attempt.

Where it is necessary to visit: Ireland, Poland, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Where to go in Murmansk area: Museum of local lore, the item Revda (street the Cousin, d. 7/ 5), bodies. (81538) 33333. The Operating time: 10. 00-19. 00 (everyday life), οεπεπϋβ:13. 0014. 00, the ticket price: adult - 9 rbl. Children`s - 5 rbl. the Center of Lappish culture, the item of Lovozero (street Soviet, d. 27), ph. 30139, (81538 30363. The Operating time: 9. 00 16. 00 (everyday life), the ticket price: 450 rbl. zagruppu with visitation of a museum of history, culture and a life Kola saamov.


Mobile didymuses cannot remain sitting on one place. And the most opposite for them to have a rest in loneliness. Didymuses love the nature and universal tourism: get into mounts, float on a kayak (better double), travel on a bicycle. However, patience is not included into number of their strengths. So travel for them should not be too extreme.

Where it is necessary to visit: England, Armenia, Canada, the USA, Egypt, Belgium, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore.

Where to go in Murmansk area: in Hibiny. One-day travel (5060 km):Κ?O«o?¬ Kirovsk - Small Vudjavr - Kuelporr - Kirovsk. Complicated (from 3δξ 5 days, to 150κμ): Kirovsk Lovozersky tundra Kirovsks Poselenie Saamov or Kirovskushchele Ramzaj Kirovsk.


the Main thing for Cancers emotionally to relax. It is desirable to spend holiday near to water, in a quiet place. It is better to spend holiday on one place, being engaged in bathing, walks by a boat, maybe, to the yacht. And still Cancers - the most notable fishers from all 12 zodiac signs.

Where it is necessary to visit: Turkey, Scotland, Prussia, Holland, Syria, Australia, islands of Pacific ocean.

Where to go in Murmansk area: we on Kola peninsula have more than thousand lakes - go for a drive and fish on health. Only at first it is necessary to consult in rybinspektsii where catching is resolved and where it is forbidden. Its phone 286130.

the Lion

Lions in holiday aspire to receive a maximum of pleasures, showing thus generosity and spending money right and left. It is good to visit theatres, carnivals, maybe, even a casino, but to be fond of game on money it is not necessary. If it is rest on the nature Lions will prefer hunting. It for them will be both a way of self-expression, and hazardous entertainment.

Where it is necessary to visit: France, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Arctic regions, Antarctica, Sicily, Hungary.

Where to go in Murmansk area: Most of all game, of course, in the peninsula centre where there are less than people, and in the south, where more warmly. Department ohotnadzora managements of Rosselhoznadzora on Murmansk area - 543407 or the Society “ Hunters of the Kola North “ 244183

The Virgins

For the Virgins holiday is an occasion to see to it about the health Therefore a trip to sanatorium - the most preferable. Besides, the Virgins very much love the pedestrian improving campaigns. It is important, that the route was not too difficult.

Where it is necessary to visit: Greece, Palestin, Russia, Czechia, Canary Islands.

Where to go in Murmansk area: the Camp site “ Padun “:ο address. Verhnetulomsky, 64ι road Kola Lotta km; ph. 476699, φενΰ:300 rbl. a day from the person. A camp site “ Lappish village “ the address: the item of Lovozero, island Fur-tree; ph. 89212832525, the price: 330 rbl. a day from the person (without excursions and a food). A camp site “ UmbaDiskaveri “ the address: the item of Umba; ph. 825951629, the price: 450 rbl. a day from the person.

The Taurus

This sign, as well as Tauruses, very much loves comfort. However it it is important, that all it was also beautifully - with music and poetry. Therefore it is necessary to choose vacation spots where there are art museums, theatres, concert halls. Rest is better for spending in one place, sometimes leaving on country picnics.

Where it is necessary to visit: Austria, caucasus, China, Japan, Thailand, Russia (Siberia).

Where to go in Murmansk area: Murmansk regional dramatic theatre - season opening on October, 8th, bodies. Of cash desk: 472519. Theatre Krasnoznamennogo of Northern fleet - season opening on October, 1st, bodies. Of cash desk 539921. Regional theatre of dolls - season opening on September, 24th, bodies. Of cash desk 458178.

the Scorpion

At a vacation spot choice first of all are guided by prestigious places with good ecology. Scorpions are hardy, perfectly are guided by districts, especially in mounts. Adore to be in extreme situations. Can to take part, for example, in an alloy on rafts or kayaks on the rough rivers.

Where it is necessary to visit: Germany (Bavaria, Saxony), Norway, Algeria, Sweden, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis.

Where to go in Murmansk area: on a route Apatity - October - Kapustnoeingozero - Dedkov - Lambina - Umbamys - the Ship - Varzuga - Kuzomen - Kandalaksha. Duration: 4 days, 3 nights. Extent: 550 km.

the Capricorn

If is a trip abroad the tourist program should be accurately worked, the hotel should give well thought over service, neighbours in rest necessarily serious, decent people. If it is tourism the camp site, good and inexpensive is desirable. Besides, Capricorns simply lose a head on “ silent “ to hunting.

Where it is necessary to visit: India, Macedonia, Burma, Mexico, Baltic, England, Israel.

Where to go in Murmansk area: the Camp site “ Kanevka “ the address: 47ι road KolaGosgranitsa km; ph. 825348230, the price: 450 rbl. a day from the person. “ a spring “ (settlement Verhnetulomsky), the price: 300πσαλει a day from the person, ph. 456393. “ Arctic regions “ (2627ικμ Verhnetulomsky highway), the price: 240 roubles a day from the person, ph. 481369.


For Aquarius the main thing in rest a non-standard. Hotel at top of the rock which have hung over the sea, a hut in mounts, but with all conveniences. And necessarily original entertainments, parachute jumps, flights on a hang-glider, diving. And, of course, mad friendly parties.

Where it is necessary to visit: Denmark, Italy (the country south), Russia, Canada, Bulgaria, Japan, Peru, Chile.

Where to go in Murmansk area: Monchegorsk club deltaplaneristov “ Open space “ (Monchegorsk, park of culture of Lumbolka). Ph.: (815236 79890, 51529.


Fishes is a holiday-maker the single. For them possibility to relax is important. It is good, if close there will be a sea, a pond, lake or park with shady avenues where it is possible to sit, dream. With pleasure will visit an old cemetery that in silence to reflect on perishability of life. If nearby there will be a church or an ancient monastery will necessarily visit.

Where it is necessary to visit: the countries of Asia Minor, Russia, Italy (the country east), Malta, Thailand, Colombia.

Where to go in Murmansk area: Trifonov the Pechengsky monastery, the Address: Settlement Pechenga, the Price: 550 roubles from the person with transport, excursion, a meal, Ph. 287522. Club “ Park an extreme “ (training to diving), Ph. 457520, the Price “ the subscription “: the children`s: 1500 (in a month), the adult-250 dollars - for 11 employment.