Rus News Journal

That will be with the prices during a week

the PRODUCT: chicken gammons.

That will be? Become more expensive for 2 - 3 roubles.

Why? On - former the matter is that - natural cataclysms to the USA which have strongly increased the prices for chicken meat.

the PRODUCT: an onion napiform.

That will be? Becomes cheaper on 1 - 2,5 roubles.

Why? The big delivery of a vegetable reduces the price.

the PRODUCT: grapes.

That will be? Will fall in price on 6 - 8 roubles.

Why? Reduction of price speaks a good harvest in the south of the country.

the PRODUCT: a water-melon.

That will be? Becomes more expensive on 1 - 1,5 roubles.

Why? Water-melons already depart, and the price, having fallen to a limit, has again gone upwards.

the PRODUCT: dairy production Petmol .

That will be? Will rise in price on 1 - 1,5 roubles.

Why? Price growth was affected by a gasoline rise in price.

the PRODUCT: local meat production.

That will be? Will grow in the price on 2 - 3 roubles.

Why? Too from - for gasoline rises in price.

Sources: the director of wholesale base Yury Sergeev, the purchaser of a food supermarket Natalia Klimov, the commodity researcher of grocery shop Irina Glushchenko.