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Stolen mobile phones will be searched by a special department of the Department of Internal Affairs

In Vladivostok have decided on - new to struggle with mass thefts of phones

Sotiki break from a neck, take away force or take hold of them, deceiving trusting citizens. Militiamen accept every day packs of new statements from victims, but to solve a problem of thefts it is not possible. For this reason in operatively - a search part of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok have created a special department on struggle against plunders of the mobile.

- the Number of similar crimes constantly grows. It was not possible to Cope with them yet, - speaks Novel PRASKOV, the captain of militia, the chief of department on struggle against thefts of phones . - Steal mobile phones in streets, stops, in educational institutions. Often criminals attack schoolboys and women who cannot show resistance. To centralise and co-ordinate work on disclosing and preventive maintenance of such crimes, and the new department of militia has been created.

Also militia work is complicated by numerous points where buy up any cellular telephones. But employees of a special department already have here again begun the work. Such places of purchase are checked, put on the account, and the permanent job on purchases of tubes without documents is conducted.

If you became a victim of a robbery immediately call on 02. Only so you have a chance to return the phone. At guards the fulfilled schemes of interception of gangsters in areas operate.