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Narcopolicemen have rescued body builders from an impotence

to Become similar to Arnold Shvartsneggera it is possible, of course, by means of wearisome exercises. However, some, wish to accelerate process.

Such toropygam native Olenegorska also “helped“, supplying with anabolic steroids of sportsmen of area (basically habitues of sport clubs). At the moment of transfer he was detained also by field investigators of regional management of narcopolice, having withdrawn at “korobejnika“ 3045 tablets. And in its apartment have found 895 more.

Anabolic steroids to free sale are forbidden: their uncontrolled reception can lead to liver defeat, is warm - vascular system and to an impotence. So

Against “pharmacist“ criminal case is brought. To it shines three years behind a lattice or the large fine.

- At sport schools trainers, doctors watch: a leah accepts the sportsman dopes, - the chairman oblsportkomiteta Valery Tsyganov has told to us. - and in clubs of control is not present. There is a list of the preparations forbidden for professional sportsmen, the part from them is on sale in drugstores. For example, diuretics - they hide dope traces. But at regional competitions a dope - control is not spent. There are no conditions.