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On the police officer with a knife.

has snatched murmanchanin when to it have brought the notification about eviction

25 - summer to Anna till now dreams that it cut. And who would know that that ordinary working visit to one of murmanchan for it and the workmate - too the court enforcement officer - will end so terribly.

last week girls have come to apartment in the street Nikolaev, 9. They should hand over to Veniamin Kaluginu living there the notification that after ten days, on a judgement, that is necessary to be moved. All the matter is that still couple of years back Kalugin has exchanged the apartment for a small house in Kursk area. But... To move did not hurry up at all, and the mistress of a small house - and nowadays the actual proprietress of habitation - has brought an action against Kulagin. Also has won. Executive manufacture has been raised.

... Having signed at the tenant necessary documents, police officers were going to leave, and suddenly... Kulagin has seized a knife and has attacked on women. The employee of power support who was a number, has not reacted in time - and has braided Kulagin only when its wards have received on some wounds. One of girls in a grave condition has been delivered in branch kardioreanimatsii regional hospital. At the second - more small damages.

Attacking has moved from apartment to a pre-trial detention centre, and the Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin district has filed criminal charges on 295 - oh to article of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation - the Encroachment on life of the person who are carrying out justice or preliminary investigation .

As to us have told in hospital, life of the suffered girl today out of danger. It p erevedena in branch of chest surgery, goes on the amendment.