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Murmanchanin has grown up a superpumpkin on 48 kilogrammes!

- I can Competently declare: our beauty - the absolute champion, - is assured Alexander Abakumov. - I on the century had to see any pumpkins. The big copies grow up in Astrakhan, unusual under the form - in America

And here at the Hero sotstruda Alexander Viktorovicha Abakumov two record-holders have grown: pumpkins on 40 and 48 kg. However, in the Tver region, where at the honourable citizen of Murmansk a summer residence on which it also does market gardening all the summer long.

- about one and a half Years ago wife Valentine Konstantinovna has bought a usual bag with pumpkin seeds, - Abakumov remembers. - and here what crop!

All garden cunnings of a family - kompostnaja a bed yes watering in dry weather. Plus - kind hands of the mistress at which and fresh cucumbers grow in second half of September on beds. my academician - her husband names, in acknowledgement showing on beds with perfect carrot and a radish.

the Pumpkin - the champion northerners have decided to take away with themselves to Murmansk where Abakumov and will meet in October the 76 - letie. And it 40 - the kilogramme little sister have given as a keepsake Now in our Tver edition is big orange (firm colour!) a vegetable - the giant.

Olga SILAEVA. - Tver .