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earthquake Echoes on Sumatra have reached Malaysia

Echoes of earthquake, an event the day before at severo - the western extremity of the Indonesian island Sumatra, have reached Malaysia. On it have informed on Sunday all leading newspapers of the country.

" In our department concerned inhabitants of Kuala - Lumpur, and also states of Selangor, Penang and Dzhohor called. We very carefully traced a situation and have come to a conclusion that nothing threatens security of our citizens. Any approach of a tsunami by our experts it is not predicted " - the director of department of seismology of Department of meteorological services of Malaysia Law Kong Chju has declared.

As he said, not strong tremors were felt at all western coast of Malaysia.

Into fire and saving department of Malaysia 2 were converted about thirty frightened inhabitants of the many-storeyed houses located in capital suburb Klang Velli, the newspaper " writes; Melej the Mail ".

" we have no data on destructions. All calling citizens wanted to learn only, a leah really occurs soil fluctuation " - the representative of department of civil defence of Malaysia has added.

Epicentre of the first sabbatical earthquake was approximately in 465 kilometres jugo - to the west of Malaysian capital. Force of the tremor registered in 01. 05 local time (9. 05 Moscow time), has made 6,7 points under the Richter scale. The second push has been fixed at northern coast of Sumatra in 20. 38 local time (16. 38 Moscow time).

According to preliminary data, and destructions are not present victims.