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In China three Russians whom

criminals kept In the Chinese province Shandong are released three citizens of Russia who within several days were kept by local criminals for refusal to be engaged in prostitution are released.

Now Russians are under protection of forces of law and order of the Peoples Republic of China and expect departure home, the representative of embassy of Russia in Beijing has informed on Monday to journalists.

According to the Russian diplomat, on May, 13th in embassy the call from the Russian citizen from the city of Tsinan which has informed has arrived that it together with two compatriots illegally keep in one of hostels.

As the representative of embassy has noted, the young woman has informed that they are exposed to a beating from the Chinese employer for refusal to be engaged in prostitution.

" According to the woman, they have been very frightened and seriously were afraid for the security " - the diplomat has told. As he said, the Russian citizens asked embassy to provide with it protection and to help to return home.

Thereupon the embassy of the Russian Federation in the Peoples Republic of China has immediately contacted Management of public security of a province Shandong, having asked the Chinese law enforcement bodies to render necessary assistance.

on Fourteenth of May provincial management of public security has informed embassy of Russia that as a result of the actions spent by local law enforcement bodies the Russian girls are released, it returns passports, and security threat is not present now.

According to the Russian diplomat, law enforcement bodies of the Chinese province have started investigation of circumstances of incident.

" The embassy was converted in an official order 2 the authorities of a province W the request to make serious investigation of the given incident and to make answerable the persons guilty of the illegal maintenance and violent compulsion 2 employment by prostitution of the Russian citizens " - the representative of embassy of the Russian Federation has underlined.

According to the Russian diplomats, the three Russians who have appeared in a captivity at criminals, have arrived to China in the spring of this year from the Russian Far East. Earlier they had been signed labour agreements W the Chinese employer. On their concrete maintenance it is not informed.

As has told " News " the representative of embassy, a consequence finds out now event details.

In embassy 2 do not specify, on what extent of time of the Russian were violently kept in hostel.