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Lawyers: the sentence of Petty-bourgeois court will be not in favour of accused

Khodorkovsky, Lebedev`s Lawyers and Krajnova are assured that their client will take out a verdict of guilty.

Platon Lebedev Elena Liptser`s Lawyer considers that the sentence of Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow will be taken out not in favour of the accused.

" I would not tell that it in favour of defendants. Now the court discloses that he has established " - Liptser " has told; News " making comments on the first day of announcement of a sentence.

In its opinion, the court considers guilty Khodorkovsky, Lebedev and Krajnova on all episodes announced 2DAY. She has noticed that the court after an adjusting part of a sentence will start reading motivirochnoj in which the proofs CFMing, according to court, guiltliness of defendants will be stated.

In turn, Khodorkovsky Robert Amsterdam`s foreign lawyer is assured that the sentence will be unequivocally accusatory.

" We, certainly, will make complaints, we will appeal in all instances, but it will be L8R. Now it is necessary to wait the court final decision " - he has noted.

Earlier on Monday Khodorkovsky Henry Padva`s lawyer has told " News " by TEL that the court considers proved to Khodorkovsky`s wine porjadu episodes.

" AFAIK, the court considers proved to Khodorkovsky`s wine on an episode W plunder of 20 percent of shares " Apatite " on an episode W plunder of actions NIIUIF. 2, as to me have informed colleagues, the court has considered dokazanoj Khodorkovsky`s fault under article 160 - " assignment or waste " and article 165 - " causing of a property damage by a deceit or breach of confidence " - the lawyer by TEL has told.

" That the sentence accusatory, at us is not present already any doubts, a question ostaetlsja only in in what it recognise as guilty " - the defender in conversation W " has noted; News ".

Lebedev Evgenie Baru`s Other lawyer has told that " while early something to SPK (about character of a sentence) ".

" the court has begun with events of 1995, instead of W 1994. It is symptomatic " - the defender has told. The bill of particulars concerning Khodorkovsky and Lebedev begins since 1994, the lawyer has noted. Under the version of the investigation, Khodorkovsky in 1994 has made roguish zavladenie 20 - a percentage share holding of the enterprise " Apatite ".

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has brought to Khodorkovsky accusations under seven articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation, including - with plunder of another`s property by a deceit as a part of the organised group in the large size; Malicious default of the judgement which have entered validity by representatives of the commercial organisation; causing of a property damage to proprietors by a deceit, at otstustviii signs the plunder, made by the organised group in the large size; evasion from payment of taxes from the organisation in especially large size a group of persons on