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the State Duma will consider changes in selective laws

the State Duma on Friday, on May, 20th, will consider in the first reading a number of changes and additions in the selective legislation, directed on increase of a role of political parties.

In particular, according to amendments, possibility of association of parties in selective blocks is excluded, W 25 B4 5 % the quantity of non-credible or void signatures of voters 2 is reduced. Possibility of carrying out of electronic voting on a small amount of polling districts is provided.

uniform day of voting on regional elections Besides, is established is the second Sunday of March. Reserve day - the first Sunday of October.

and additions changes 2 are made to the law " ABT the status of the councillor of Federation and the status of the deputy of the State Duma ". In particular, it is provided that the deputy of the State Duma loses the mandate in case of transition in other fraction.

2 the bill specifies procedure of promotion by political party of candidates on elective offices in bodies of the state power and local governments, candidate list formation in deputies, and also an order of acceptance by political party of the charter, the program and other important decisions.

increase since January, 1st, 2006 of level of state financing of the political parties, the voters who have got support on federal elections, B4 5 roubles increased by a poll of voters, RCVed by the federal candidate list selected in the State Duma Is provided.