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the Authorities KCHR highly appreciate actions of law enforcement bodies

the Management of Karachaevo - Circassian Republic has given an appreciation to actions of employees of Management of FSB and Ministry of Internal Affairs KCHR, carrying out special action on liquidation in Cherkessk diversionno - terrorist group. ABT it " News " the assistant to the head of the Office of the President of KCHR Murat Karaketov has declared.

" law enforcement bodies have worked on an advancing, having prevented planned by group in territory of republic acts of terrorism. Thus nobody has suffered - neither from civilians, nor from participants of operation " - Karaketov has noted.

" However these latest developments in Karachaevo-Circassia once again bring an attention to the question on serious omissions in youth education, and education, first of all, in families " - the official has underlined.

" It is impossible to close eyes and to pretend that occurs nothing, when thy child or the relative has entered not on that way. Otherwise the result can be the most pitiable " - Karaketov has told.

The day before at night in Cherkessk special action of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs on liquidation of participants of illegal armed formations has come to the end.

During operation attempts of negotiations W the insurgents who have taken cover on the third floor 5 - a floor apartment house number 29 along the street Hetagurova in northern part of a city were undertaken.

However insurgents on contact have not gone, then storm has been undertaken. Six insurgents - four men and two women have been as a result killed.

among law enforcement officers and civilians are not present Victims, have informed in Ministry of Internal Affairs KCHR.

Under the operative data, the destroyed insurgents were in submission of a wanted international terrorist, involved in explosions of apartment houses in Moscow in 1999 - Achimeza Gochijaeva.