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the Commissioner of the United Nations urges to refrain from force application in Uzbekistan

the Sovereign commissioner of the United Nations under human rights Louise Arbur has called on Tuesday all parties of the conflict in Uzbekistan to refrain from force application.

" We W the big concern watch situation development in Uzbekistan " - the press - the secretary of Management of the Sovereign commissioner of the United Nations under human rights (UVKPCH) Jose - Luis Dias has told at a briefing in Geneva.

As he said, Arbur 2 calls the conflict parties in the Uzbek Andizhan for cooperation with mission of the United Nations which are in region.

" As to other standards of human rights the Sovereign commissioner urges the authorities to adhere strictly to main principles of use of force and fire-arms from law enforcement officers " - has underlined Dias.

Besides, a press - secretary UVKPCH has reminded that this year the Commission of the United Nations on human rights considered a situation in Uzbekistan within the limits of closed " procedures 1503 ". According to this procedure the Commission considers complaints of separate persons or groups of persons to rough infringements of human rights in this or that country.

Mass riots in Andizhan have begun on Friday, on May, 13th. According to official figures, their victims of a steel of 10 law enforcement officers. The president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has declared that " from criminals of victims, of course, it is more ". At the same time independent journalists and legal experts informed on hundreds victims, including among civilians.