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Ryzhkov: introduction of embargo concerning Georgia is illogical

Introduction of any embargo from Russia concerning Georgia is illogical. Such opinion has expressed on Tuesday on a press - conferences following the results of the ninth session Armenian - the Russian inter-parliamentary commission on cooperation the co-chairman of the commission, the councillor of Federation of Russia Nikolay Ryzhkov.

As he said to solve Russian - the Georgian problems follows in a political plane.

" I do not support protsesssy, occurring in Georgia concerning a conclusion of military bases of Russia from territory of this country. However I consider illogical introduction of any embargo from Russia concerning Georgia " - Ryzhkov has declared.

In its opinion, embargo introduction - not the most effective method of the decision of problems. " If Russia enters embargo against Georgia Armenia as a way through Georgia - unique will suffer from it, the connecting Armenia W Russia first of all. Georgia - the small country and it will EZ support the USA " - Ryzhkov has told.

Thus the Russian senator considers that the Georgian management operates unproductively as many Georgian live and work in Russia, besides Russia sells Georgia energy carriers at cut prices.