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Members of Novosibirsk branch NBP deny participation in acts of terrorism

the Detained members of Novosibirsk branch natsional - Bolshevist party deny participation in preparation of acts of terrorism, have informed " News " in group of public relations UFSB across the Novosibirsk region.

on suspicion in fulfilment of acts of terrorism W application of an explosive representatives UFSB across the Novosibirsk region have informed On detention of members NBP 2DAY on special a press - conferences. Under their data, certificates of preparation by members NBP of actions W application of improvised explosive devices and explosives are obvious.

Within the next few days the arrested person will bring accusation, have informed in group of public relations UFSB.

Now concerning arrested persons criminal case under articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation which provide punishment for preparation for certificates of the terrorism, made by a group of persons, and for illegal storage of explosives and ammunition is brought. Criminal case is in manufacture of investigatory department UFSB.

According to the chief of department UFSB Victor Denisov, the operative information on possible acts of terrorism has been RCVed on May, 8th then the complex of private operative and investigatory actions for liquidation of terrorist threat has begun.

During a search from apartments of arrested persons, and also from the found out hiding places employees of FSB have withdrawn about 20 kgs of an explosive, 4 fragmental land mines, some units of the weapon, and also the special literature on manufacturing of explosives and carrying out of explosions.

On a press - conferences representatives UFSB did not begin to specify, how much the person is detained on business. " For today I cannot give the full information. It can prevent a consequence " - Denisov has told.

In turn, the leader Novosibirsk natsional - Bolsheviks Dmitry Kaznacheev has declared " News " that anybody from members NBP is not involved in preparation of acts of terrorism. Under its data, employees of FSB had been detained two were members of Novosibirsk branch NBP Nikolay Baluev and Vyacheslav Rusakov which in February of current year have been excluded from the party for the various reasons.

Treasurers asserts that at present anybody from members of Novosibirsk branch NBP was not late.