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Oppositional leaders do not know, a leah fasts in the State Duma management

Opinion of leaders of opposition parties concerning the fraction offer " are necessary to them; the Native land " ABT redistribution of supervising fasts in the State Duma were divided.

On Monday fraction " the Native land " has made in the State Duma the offer to redistribute fasts of heads of the Duma committees in favour of opposition and to grant to leaders of oppositional fractions the casting vote right in Duma council where now dominates " an United Russia ".

However the leader of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov has opposed this offer which, in its opinion, does not solve a problem of parliamentary minority.

" United Russia party members " all the same represent in parliament the majority... If in committee there will be 20 persons, from which 15 - representatives " an United Russia " result and so it will be clear " - Zyuganov considers.

the Leader of communists has added that an opposition problem not that it does not have supervising fasts, and that its voices is absolutely not audible in an amicable unison " United Russia party members ".

" In the Duma it is necessary to restore dialogue between fractions, deputies and a management. This dialogue is not present either in Advice, or at chamber sessions " - Zyuganov has noted.

the Leader the liberal - democrats, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky 2 considers that there is no sense in simple redistribution of fasts. Zhirinovsky has suggested to consider simply in the agenda of the Duma questions which are offered 2 discussion by opposition, and also to add fasts at level of assistants to heads of committees that among opposition too were " chiefs ".

the Initiator of the initiative, the leader " the Native land " Dmitry Rogozin motivated the offer with that it corresponds to the message of the president of the Russian Federation to Federal Meeting, and also that opposition " should not avoid the responsibility ".

" We should have possibility to influence decision-making within the limits of parliament. For it it is necessary to struggle " - Rogozin has told.