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Near Penza there lives the grandmother - a X-ray

She sees people through, treats them and does not take for it money

In a small village near to Penza, from a white small house, the third from road, almost the turn every day is built. Grandmother Nadja as in the people name the healer, accepts all patients without an exception.

- still there are no six mornings, and to it already go, - grand daughter Nadezhdy Grigorevny Lyudmila tells. - and up to eight - nine evenings. We speak to it: Have a rest, do not accept people . After all it already old, to it seventy years. And she responds what to refuse to asking people cannot.

having learnt about the grandmother relieving of many illnesses, to a small village come from different cities, including from capital. Even some doctors are treated at it.

- From it such energy goes, you do not represent! - neigbour Maria Nikolaevna admires. - It hands on a head will spend, and the pain passes. I had a heart attack, hands - feet were taken away. The hope of Grigorevna honoured over me prayers, and I am better to feel became. She can define that you is ill, as if sees through.

According to local residents, the healer not only treats different illnesses, but also removes damage. However, helps not to all and not always. It is said that will help only in the event that the person himself believes that will get rid of illness.

- I had a difficult disease, - grand daughter Nadezhdy Grigorevny remembers. - Doctors have told that it is necessary to do operation. While I made tests, the grandmother was engaged in my treatment - beaded. After several similar sessions has gone to hospital. To me have told that I am healthy...

and everything when the Hope of Grigorevne was 45 years old, and it to the fellow worker " has begun; has started talking a wart. Has then passed to more serious diseases. Tell that there were cases, when the people, not going long time, after several sessions at grandmother Nadi rose on feet literally.

bring to the grandmother - to a X-ray and absolutely tiny children (at the age of five - six months) which it treats a hernia, and older persons with a bouquet of sores. One misfortune - it after all similar visits itself suffers affliction. Native say that sometimes to it happens so badly that cannot rise. As if adopts illnesses of others on itself.

Nadezhda Grigorevna does not take for treatment of money. The people who have got rid of illness bring to it by way of gratuity products, basically sweets. it not I help, and God - the grandmother - a X-ray considers.

when we went to grandmother Nade, there was a holytide, and it in such days does not accept, prays in a temple. How there will pass a meeting with the grandmother - a X-ray, we will necessarily tell to readers in the nearest numbers.

Olga MEDVEDEV. olya@kpplus. tl. ru
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