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Hot water will disconnect. But not for a long time

In connection with the beginning of repair campaign on the Penza thermal networks in some disctricts of the city planned disconnects of hot water supply

With ward of spring for workers of the Penza thermal networks have begun comes hot in all senses it is time. It is time to summer repair campaign. For a summer it is necessary for them to execute huge amount of works on preparation of heating mains of a city for a following cold season. To conduct hydraulic tests, to reveal emergency places, to carry out repairs and replacement of the pipelines which have served the term. Work big, uneasy, but the extremely necessary. If her not to spend, in the winter the risk of occurrence of emergencies on heating mains grows repeatedly.

it is clear that to spend work on repair and replacement of heating mains, without disconnecting hot water supply, it is impossible. It is clear also that absence of hot water creates inconveniences for townsmen. In former times this problem solved, simply disconnecting all disctricts of the city on daylight saving time from hot water supply. Now, to reduce to a minimum arising from absence of hot water of trouble, such practice have refused. Since last year, a heating main are deduced from work not all at once, and on areas where repair work is spent. In this connection time disconnect of hot water supply is made also. By rules which have been entered in last repair campaign, duration of disconnects should not exceed one month. In this connection the special schedule of disconnects of hot water supply is developed.

Andrey MIHAJLOV has prepared.
vega@kpplus. tl. ru