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netesanov half a year starved for the sake of victory

the Penza sportsman became the absolute champion of Russia on bodybuilding

From Kazan where from May, 20 till May, 23rd took place the championship of Russia on bodybuilding, Alexey Netesanov has returned the winner. To capital of Tatarstan there have arrived all representatives of the Russian national team on bodybuilding. For victory all best body builders of the country fought desperately therefore how on the Russian superiority there was a selection on the European championships and the world.
- most difficultly it was necessary to me in absoljutke - citizens of Kazan advanced the sportsman, - Alexey Netesanov tells. - But it took only two first places, and I - seven!

on a broader scale such success of the Penza sportsman - an unprecedented case in the history of bodybuilding. In the autumn of last year it became the absolute winner of the Cup of Russia, in the spring - the silver prize-winner of the World championship, and here - the next victory.

- I am simple seriously I concern trainings. I am engaged twice a day on an hour and a half, I limit myself in meal. Half a year kept to a diet, ate rice, eggs, a chicken, - explains the success the absolute champion of Russia.

in the beginning of June Netesanov will go to Bruxelles on the European championship to prove that it - the best.

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