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The Penza schoolboy has prevented explosion

Egor Uzzhin has found a grenade and the eighth-grader has informed on it in militia

has gone on employment to school 11 in the Morning. There was along the street Progonnoj and has suddenly seen underfoot something similar to a grenade. Egor has not become puzzled: on the find at once has informed in the nearest police station.

employees sapernogo divisions have into place left. As it has appeared, the schoolboy has really found a grenade. According to experts, it has lain in the earth some years and could blow up at any moment. Tens local residents as a result could be lost. Sappers have got a grenade and have taken out for a city to destroy mortally dangerous subject.

next day Egor has approached to class rukovoditelnitse to Elena Grihnevoj:

- Elena Jurevna, and the militia did not come to school?

- really you something have done, Egor? - The teacher which sponsored class was considered very difficult was frightened and constantly received censures.

- is not present, I have found a grenade.

and in some minutes to school there have arrived police officers. For sharpness and with honour the executed civic duty to Egor Uzzhina`s parents and its teachers was handed over by letters of thanks.

- I so was happy that at last - that my class have praised! - Elena Grihneva speaks. - By the way, before Egor disliked in a class, fights occurred constantly - after all he studies at us only the second year. And after the militia has arrived, pupils zauvazhali Egor. I think, its act - an example for imitation. During our dangerous time all need to be vigilant.

Olga MEDVEDEV. olya@kpplus. tl. ru