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In Bekovo there lives the Grandmother - Tarzan

Having lived 70 years in inhuman conditions, Lydia Vopilina has saved iron health

Lydia Alekseevnu Vopilinu in settlement Bekovo know everything though the woman among fellows villager has a reputation unsociable, wild for as have awarded it monkey`s a nickname. The grandmother - Tarzan was born also all life has lived in tiny (three on four metres) an izba. The clay mud hut which has grown into the earth, was heated on - black without a flue. The electricity too was not. But the woman of the Lead throughout many years persistently refused to move, as persuaded local sotsrabotniki. Neighbours only wondered, as the old woman in respectable years (on May, 30th to it it will be executed 74) managed to save almost maiden vivacity, excellent health and the marvellously fresh, ruddy person. And this with the fact that for all life the grandmother never washed. Even in the summer on the river did not go!

the Situation has exchanged in February of this year. The woman of the Lead stayed with the niece when in its house there was a fire.

when Lydia Alekseevna has returned on the ashes, it needed to do nothing, as to surrender to social workers and to move to live in poselkovyj the house of veterans of war and work. Here it was washed for the first time in a bath. At registration in boarding house the grandmother was examined by doctors, took all necessary analyses. Results have amazed all! The nurse of the house of veterans Ljubov Mihajlovna Kochetova tells:

- the Grandmother is absolutely healthy! No deviations in work of heart, kidneys, a liver, at it are present other bodies. Yes look: ruddy, wrinkles practically are not present. Any moloduha will envy such health!

the grandmother health too speaks about the willingly:

- Never in life has not sneezed at all as the head is ill - I do not know. With a stomach there, teeth I do not toil. Kako - tako a medicine - I do not know. Here a finger to me here have pierced for the first time, the analysis have put...

having located in boarding house, Lydia Alekseevna strongly misses the dugout. The melancholy is smoothed unprecedented hitherto by the TV, especially serials about love . Now the woman of the Lead knows, who the president of Russia and as it looks. Putin was pleasant to the grandmother - young and good . And here with neighbours contact was not adjusted - neigbours in a room woman Tonja and woman Dunja speak supposedly the Lead only comes to spend the night.

Lydia Alekseevna speaks about the antecedents shortly: it was heavy, school in the second class has thrown, when during war its two little sisters have died of hunger and it was necessary to earn on a bread piece. So all life in the field and progorbatilas.

And about the house the woman of the Lead argues easy:

- Yes, it was bad. The furnace - that smoked on - black, dak I and lighted it only that a potato to weld. Did not heat in the winter. How then it was warmed? Yes che - that did not freeze. And can, has got used already...

On our offer to go to see the former neighbours Lydia Alekseevna has responded with pleasure. Approaching to the editorial car, has confessed that never in life by the car went. as the princess me will carry - she happy has told, taking seat on a forward seat.

having approached on the former house, the woman of the Lead hasty, through a tall weeds and a nettle, to it has gone. Something silently sentenced, sighed... And having seen the neigbour and the old girlfriend Elizabeth Ivanovnu Sachenkovu, has embraced her and has told:

- I Miss you, in a native place. If not a fire, for what from here would not leave! Eh, zhi - iznja!.

Olga BAJKINA, olga@kpplus. tl. ru
Vladimir`s Photo PAVLOVSK.