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Every second penzenets is ready to give up smoking

Yesterday Penza has celebrated the International day of refusal of tobacco

Correspondents have gone to city centre: to smoking people suggested to change a cigarette for the firm handle with symbolics. From our 30 interlocutors of 15 persons have agreed on an exchange and have promised to give up smoking in the near future. Thus, every second smoker penzjak is ready to leave an addiction. But, for not clear reasons, it does not do. Many admitted that last and definitive the decision on parting with a cigarette is accepted practically every Monday. Since morning before. However the rare smoker holds out without an inhaling till a dinner.
by the way, in exchange for our souvenirs we have made an approximate portrait of the average Penza smoker.

the Penza smoker is 30 - the summer young man. By the nature of employment he is a worker. Smokes about a pack of cigarettes in day. Has started to smoke since 15 years. Prefers cigarettes with the filter on 10 - 15 roubles for a pack.

Konstantin Fedorov , 73 years, the pensioner:
- I Smoke from 14 years. Kuriles of years to 55, has then thrown. Has passed on Uzbek nasvaj, has understood that from it there is more than pleasure, than from cigarettes. Now I afford no more than two cigarettes in a week.

Vladimir Birjukov, 47 years, the theatre director of dolls:
- I Smoke from 15 years. In day at me the pack - one and a half cigarettes leaves. From cigarettes at me the big dependence, even day it is difficult to me to hold on without smoking. Time and again tried to throw. But it was impossible to me. Easier, probably, to stop to drink, than to smoke. Cigarettes - a persuasive piece.

Nikolay , 18 years, the student:
- I Smoke two years. In day at me 10 cigarettes leave approximately, it is not necessary to me more. Special affection at me is not present, I am going to give up smoking. To smoke the beginnings so - for campaign . I think that will give up smoking for me easier the simple.

Irina , 28 years, the seller:
- I Smoke from 12 years. In day - one pack. Now I want to give up smoking - has bothered. Besides to smoke in the summer - it is awful, pleasures a little. It is a high time to give up smoking.

Vladimir`s Photo PAVLOVSK.