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For a year in the Penza region have adopted 630 children

59 of them have arranged on education in families of foreigners

Today the International day of protection of children - for someone cheerful, and for someone grust - nyj a feast. After all the number of children who have remained without parents, is not reduced recently. So, last year 677 kids remained without mums and fathers, and for the last three years - 1779 (2004 - go experts will bring results yet soon). And only about 30 % from adopted are orphans. At the others parents or in imprisonment places, or are simply deprived the right to nurture the child. For 2003 mothers have refused 94 newborns.

therefore the Penza kids who have remained without parents, adopt. Not only inhabitants of Russia, but also foreigners.
- as a rule, there come Americans, sometimes - citizens of Spain and Denmark, - the deputy minister of science and education of the Penza region Svetlana Kudimova speaks. - For last three years they adopt 146 children, including four children - the invalid. Them in the USA have left 142. All children adopted by foreigners, repeatedly were offered our inhabitants. However adoptive parents in Russia it to find and it was not possible.

By the way, foreigners are authorised to adopt only at us children. That is they to themselves have taken away the child - and it provide. However, within three years still report, as to the kid is on a new place. Inhabitants of Russia take more often over the child guardianship, receiving thus the grant - 1300 roubles a month. Recently there are also foster homes. To them besides the grant for education of the adoptive child it is paid the salary - 1010 roubles.

all last year have adopted, took under guardianship and have accepted in a foster home of 630 kids (them abroad have left 59). It on 50 persons is less if to compare to the data of two-year prescription, but on 130 it is more in comparison with 1993.

Olga MEDVEDEV , olya@kpplus. tl. ru