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Fire in Vladivostok: WHY SUCH BECAME POSSIBLE?

mummy! To me so it is bad without you. Mums, well find somebody that it has helped you to return at least for 3 seconds... - writes to lost mum 12 - summer Nastja Zhigajlova, and in the meantime ours the correspondent Natalia Ostrovsky tries to understand the reasons of awful tragedy on January, 16th.

Invaluable archive of the Savings Bank

At my place on the central heating battery dry scorched only along the edges and filled in with firemen at suppression some bank documents. Here the director of Management of currency and uncommercial operations of the Central Bank of Russia directs the message on change in monetary circulation of the Lithuanian Republic to the Vladivostok office: Protective fibres... The right serial number... On banknote face sheet the invisible number in usual light is highlighted...

On a broader scale - that value of the document - a zero. Dated still 2000, it, as well as thousand others, has been combined in bales, bags and cases. This so-called archive blocked up a ladder of the eighth floor of the Vladivostok branch of the Savings Bank. That floor from which at midday on January, 16th there was only one exit: from height in two ten metres through a window. On a concrete peak.

that for absurdity! To nobody the necessary leaflets are whole, here they, in hands. And people - nine women, employees of the Savings Bank, - have burnt down alive or, having thrown out from the eighth floor, have broken to death. Why?!

the city fills with hearings. Tell, how one of girls called home: Mum, at us a smoke. It seems, we burn. Now I will close the computer program... further hooters. Still speak instead of running, to people ordered to sit on offices and to wait. That?

- Us have accustomed not to run, and to save the information, - one of the employees who have escaped in that fatal day of the Savings Bank has carelessly told to me by phone.

I have learnt: That, as it is necessary, to disconnect the bank computer with preservation of all data, it is required 7 - 10 minutes. As it is known, at a fire of an abacus goes for seconds.

from confidential conversation with bank security service: for a hard disk with the information on corporate clients and the sums of credits today offer good money - from 100 thousand dollars. It has appeared that the price is a lot of above - nine human lives. And still terrible burns, crises, mutilations and a grief without borders.

After three days after tragedy I rise on a black ladder from a soot. Steps are filled up by wet slippery leaves of bank documents. Narrow ladder space from the sixth on the ninth floors bank and its neigbour - the company Green leaves - have sewn up from strangers with aluminium partitions with doors on locks. Now it is not present anything. Security guards from the bottom floors not touched by fire tell that the most terrible minutes the fused metal from above dripped, and from the blown up system of heating hot water flew a stream...

at the office of the Savings Bank destroyed by a flame about day of funeral repair has begun. Workers in respirators scurry about. Nobody has given out a protection frame to me, from ashes toshnit.

The day before was a press - Valery Pytneva`s who has arrived from Khabarovsk conference - the president of board of Far East bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. He has told: the Archive had no relation to the Savings Bank .

It is lie. From it too toshnit.

I Call on mobile to the head of the Vladivostok branch of Far East bank to Lyudmila Feofanovoj . That to the chief in a fur coat which has gone down downwards from the eighth floor on a fire-escape from not burning window.

- Lyudmila Aleksandrovna?

- That you wanted?

- I would like to meet you.

- I cannot.


Perhaps her as the official who has admitted rough infringements of rules of fire-prevention security both responsible for life and health of people on a workplace, have already detained? For the next day, as in water looked, news: Feofanov it is arrested.

have arrested, as it is known, and responsible for fire-prevention security at Savings Bank office - the senior engineer Victor Hannikova . It unlike terribly lost as banker Valery Pytnev has told, it is live - it is healthy, only a smoke has swallowed .

the Killing stub?

Most likely, the consequence will stop on the version casual handling of fire . Anyway, in official conclusion IPL (probation fire laboratory) a kindling source on January, 16th experts name a stub thrown on a ladder platform between 7 - m and 8 - m a floor.

Gennady Glazunov, the chief of a fire brigade of Pervorechensky area of Vladivostok:

- Near to a smoking-room there was much everyone barahla - cardboard boxes, ancient documents. All it from a stub began to decay gradually. Air heated up. And, at last, glass on a ladder platform has not sustained, has burst.

splinters Fell down, the window became through and on a difference of temperatures has worked, as blew. The smoke has turned to a smoke, a spark - in fire. While the misfortune silently crept upwards on a ladder march, on stuff and old papers to an entrance door on the eighth floor, fire has turned to a flame.

According to firemen, the message on state of emergency has arrived late. Criminally late. In criminal case swelling day by day there are certificates of tenants of the next house. They assert that saw a smoke Already for an hour and a half to horror when in the face of crowd of the girl one for other steel to be thrown out from windows. we have still joked, - tenants have shared with investigators, - burzhujkami are heated, a leah that? To see, bankers have absolutely grown poor .

the First on 01 were called not by the passer-by as earlier it was informed, and the employee of security service of Savings Bank Tsybulin . And all - taki, why late? Why only when on a floor fire has rushed?

a bad structure

the Ill-starred high-rise building already burnt, and time and again. After the institute located here promstrojniiproekt children - businessmen from the seventh floor bought up, convenient premises in city centre were sprayed between new proprietors. Them today 22.

And since then here eternally something decayed, smoked, smoked . That on the fifth floor - at Dalstara . That on the seventh - at Green leaves . To a smoke here, alas, for a long time have got used.

Lyudmila ShCherbatenko.

- And we unlike the Savings Bank were ready to a fire on January, 16th. Three years ago at us the computer has lighted up, something there happens at it with the fan, - has remembered the past the chief accountant Green leaves Lyudmila ShCherbatenko . - We then have coped with kindling. Have there and then bought all necessary for struggle against fire, have checked up all internal systems, have spent instructing, have found the evacuation plan.

and, I will add already from myself, equipped on that ladder between the and eighth floor a locker room for employees .

Those instructing have not passed for firm for nothing: unlike the Savings Bank Green leaves have not lost any person. And it is possible to live if still to prove that the stub was thrown not by the, and neighbours - bankers.

Lyudmila ShCherbatenko:

- on January, 16th during a fire I left office of last. I sit in the office, I work. Suddenly I hear: to Leave premises! A fire! What fire? Neither a smoke, nor fire. However, there was a smell of burnt conducting. Without a panic, easy I switch off the computer. I take away from the press safe. I put on a fur coat, boots, I open a door... My God! There it is black from a smoke, it is visible nothing. I was stupefied. Has closed a door. Has wound the person with a scarf, has inhaled more deeply. And - in a smoke. I hear, our children in the end of a corridor shout: Lyudmila Tarasovna, here, here! To them metres 40. But I have reached. There, on a distant ladder, it was already possible to breathe. I do not understand, why I could reach, and girls from the eighth floor could not? Why nobody has helped them?!

it is valid (I has measured by the steps), on the eighth floor that who has not escaped, it was necessary to run all - that some metres. But - through a wall of continuous fire, poisonous from plastic and other synthetics. For five - seven minutes to a flame was only, as on the seventh floor, a dense impenetrable smoke. For five - seven minutes before they would manage. But it is not considered...

From here girls jumped downwards.

In the next office from where were lost Vita Avgustinovich , Tonja Arbat , Natasha Zhigajlova (it unique was not threw out from a window), Anja Ikonnikov and Olga Stepanovna Popova , some persons, having stuck doors with an adhesive tape and watering, have held on to the fire-escape approach almost an hour and a half! Besides because their office is located hardly away from fire lines .

On the eighth floor in turmoil and a smoke have found - taki a fire board with a hydrant. But the water pipe has appeared without the gate - a lamb . That is water here it, nearby, and its tax in a canvas hose and to fill in fire in any way it is impossible. The internal fire-prevention waterpipe is not checked up on water return - it is told about it in the charge shown to Lyudmila Feofanovoj arrested in the past Saturday.

Now, after repair on the eighth floor, for certain all will check up, will execute and will develop. Here only the employees who have escaped in that nightmare say that not at any price here will not return.

heroes and villains

Vladivostok abuses firemen. And even beats, as have beaten on January, 16th under blazing windows of the eighth floor of the driver of a fire-engine of Evgenie Kurdina.

- Yes I could not submit a ladder to those windows. Stirred a building peak, - as got, Evgenie repeats. - These peaks for us at fires on a broader scale - a dead band.

we with it in fire brigade garage. He asks me to climb up aboard the Japanese fire-engine and to photograph the computer tablet where appears that the ladder will be put forward only in the event that to a wall of a building no more than 15 metres . I photograph.

Igor Vorontsov (on the right) and Dmitry Romanjuk.

Igor Vorontsov, the employee of security service of the Savings Bank , has visited a hell - on that peak, where one for other drop of the girl. To it neither for what not to understand nor about 15 metres, about uselessness of canvas awnings and the trampolines which have been removed from equipment of firemen still in year any there, about absence at them added assault ladders.

- any fireman nearby was not, when we from a peak submitted little girls to windows, - Igor`s voice foully shivers .

Its companion Dmitry Romanjuk to the last did not leave from a flaring eighth floor. One little girl has seized already on a window sill, held for a belt, did not allow to rush downwards. Thank God, firemen have appeared in time. Another vytolkal from a black corridor on safe a ladder. Has again returned, has run on offices. Like anybody. And only from the return, not smart party of a building in one, the office closest to fire has found out a two - Anju Litvinenko and Julju Jakovlevu . Girls sat with the closed windows and did not see, how already were threw out directly on iced over asphalt Marina Gerashchenko , Lena Yermolovich , Alina Kohanovsky and Natasha Muzykina .

Branch of toxicology of city hospital.

- We were in any stupor, - hardly tells Anja . - the Smoke did not allow to breathe. But here we hear - knock at a door. Have opened - Dima! Have let in, were again closed. It has rescued us. Has broken windows, began water to water a door. It was very hot. The door and a key have begun plavitsja. Have then heard noise in a corridor are there were firemen. We could not go any more, they handed us.

healthy fellow Dimu pulled out dragging. Below, on the ground floor it has come to the senses, has removed that remains from a sabanon, has untied half burnt down tie, has put on in something and has gone not clearly where.

- Has passed one bus stop, I think: what do I do? What for I here? - remembers DimAnd. - to Feet it became suddenly very cold. Has had a look, boots - that should be thrown out. Soles, consider, no. Have burnt down. And has felt a back pain at home. The splinter, 6 centimetres in length has appeared, has stuck. fast has called. What problems?

on the ashes marauders in the meantime have come. Who it was, if employees of the Savings Bank have started up behind the things in the escaped offices right after firemen, militias, Offices of Public Prosecutor, rescue services? Whoever was, money has disappeared. Not from depozitarija and safes - nalichki in this branch of the Savings Bank never was found. From purses. The drawn ladies` handbags and man purses rolled on a floor and tables. Tell, one marauder have detained with the computer. Type provided safety of property. Dragged the monitor, hiding it under a uniform.

In day of mourning computers

As it is known have gone out, without delay tragedies the Office of Public Prosecutor has arrested the inspector pozharnadzora Alexey Lobanova . It supervised an ill-starred building. But did it, in general, unostentatiously. As the Office of Public Prosecutor, " has found out; promstrojniiproekt did not check already since 2001.

- have found the switchman! - colleagues Alexey in regional department are stirred.

- it at us the best inspector. Unique received thanks from those whom supervised, - rises a mount for the employee and. An island of the chief of department Svetlana Tabolova. - Here, read!

... The attentive relation, very sensitive, polite reference, professionalism, is pleasant to work, many thanks for such shots nurtured in your division...

- And still Alexey on schools of area spent competitions of children`s drawings!

Here and drawings. One, third-grader Seleznev Arthur, even with a verse: Let fire in a fit of temper flares, and the fire does not happen!


We go with supervision to smoke.

- what has reached, - speak. - The boy at school schoolmates began to press only that his father - the fireman.

we call to the father - that resolutely does not want publicity. Is afraid, as though to the son even more not to do much harm.

meal from pozharki by promstrojniiproekta . A day before that the tragedy place was visited by kingpins - the plenipotentiary of the president Iskhakov, governor Darkin, Nikolay`s mayor... easily and simply the escort has approached to to a dead band - to a concrete peak. The militia has in good time hung up a sign on an interdiction of a parking and strictly watched, that nobody broke. But there have left honoured guests. And pjatachok at an input in a building, as always, it is densely forced by cars.

the authorities promise to think up, as in case of the future states of emergency under the law to ram another`s four-wheel property that it did not prevent a rescue operation. The Office of Public Prosecutor that day, brings all new accusations. Seaside deputies are going to understand with a fire at session. Firemen write post cards to protection of colleague Lobanova.

12 - summer Nastja Zhigajlova too has written the letter - lost mum Natasha. Also has put it on porch steps at an input in a burning building:

Mummy! To me so it is bad without you. Mums, well find somebody that it has helped you to return at least for 3 seconds. I will study on 5 and even on 5 + . Me so strongly ask not to cry...

It is necessary to give to the Savings Bank the due: failures in work these extreme days at it practically was not. I speak as the repeat client. Already for the next day after a fire all branches worked as with jurikami and with physicists (read - a professional bank slang - legal and physical persons).

last Friday when Vladivostok left on streets to spend victims, computers have suddenly gone out. And while went and there was on Svetlansky a long procession, all of them could not repair in any way.

And on January, 21st unapproved meeting of the protest of townspeople has taken place. Instigators are searched by militia.

And at this time

State of emergency of house scale

The day before yesterday, on January, 24th, at my place hardly there was no fire. Pressure in electric systems at first has sharply fallen and by itself the computer has gone out. Then as - that the switched off musical centre has badly cracked. Second - click, and from also switched off TV has tumbled down clubs a caustic smoke. On kitchen the bulb has blown up. We have stopped small house fireworks, pulling out all and all from sockets. Have opened wide open windows and began to wait an emergency signal. At neighbours too it is a lot of that povzryvalos: computers, TVs, electroextracts.

accident-prone persons have found the reason of state of emergency: has short-circuited an old, utterly worthless cable in a cellar. Have chopped off our strut from an electricity and have left. the working day, - speak, - has ended . Also there was at us an evening at candles. Night was replaced in the afternoon at gas torches.

Open Company the Management company of Lenin area - the organisation, serving property our apartment house, a voice zamgeneralnogo directors Boris it is angry promised light in the end of day. The certificate on the damage put to us the company has suggested to make. And to address there is nobody Open Company the Center - it is responsible for maintenance service of our habitation. And for a rusty cable too.

And we will make, the blessing the people in the house the competent: there are lawyers and even one public prosecutor. Thank God, all are live.

a photo of the author and from archive .