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Exempts prokatili ?

Since June, 1st pensioners, students and schoolboys pay 4 roubles for journey to buses

For many townspeople using travel privileges in public transport, there was a bolt from the blue an occurrence in streets of Penza of buses in which a fare demand from all passengers. And conductors too nobody warned drivers about an innovation, them have simply presented with a fait accompli. And more - before furious exempts. Why the decision to revive " was accepted; commercial (or, on - to another, custom-made) buses? Behind an explanation we were converted to the deputy chief of department of transport and communication of a city of Penza to Alexander Varlamov:

- Earlier transport workers obtained compensation for transportation of exempts on all 150 municipal buses of Penza. And since June money is allocated only for ninety cars. But all buses should leave on the routes, after all passengers did not become less! Therefore the decision to cancel a travel privilege in 60 " was accepted; superfluous buses. So in cars with tablets Without privileges pensioners, students and schoolboys and more 61 category of exempts pay journey completely, and participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, visually impaired persons, as well as at an o`clock - tnyh buses, go free of charge. And about that we have warned nobody about occurrence of commercial buses so here to warn if they go for a long time already on a city: for example, on a route 99.

Commercial buses have appeared practically on all routes: on 2 - 4 pieces on everyone. paid and free ostensibly go by turns. And all - taki the first are stronger are an eyesore - it is not excluded that exempts will struggle for the rights in court. Country buses the innovation has not concerned: They on - former carry at reduced prices on Wednesday and Sunday.

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