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In to a stopper on Volodarsky the trolley bus

has flashed As experts the matter is that road accident and cadets

Penzentsy yet have not forgotten that case when the old trolley bus 6 has lighted up mark. And here the next state of emergency has called shock townspeople.
in the fifth o`clock in the evening in the street Volodarsky, near to Pushkin`s square, over trolley bus 2 which stood in to a stopper has flashed fireworks . Passengers, having been frightened that here - the car salon here will light up, began to run out on street. We were converted behind the comment to deputy director MUP Gorelektrotrans to Nikolay Shpaginu.

- No trouble has not occurred, - Nikolay Ivanovich speaks. - has simply fused bearing cable. We have started up trolley buses on Volodarsky because on Kirov there was a failure. And here rehearsal of cadets which prepare for Independence Day of Russia. From - for them traffic also has been blocked off. By the way, about this rehearsal nobody has warned us. As a result on Volodarsky many trolley buses have accumulated. At one of them has fused bearing cable in a place of contact with a contact wire. And passers-by it in any way would not be reflected in passengers anyway.

Olga MEDVEDEV, olya@kpplus. tl. ru