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In Penza have detained the Tadjik terrorist

This person it is involved in explosions of houses and murder of 20 military men

Tavakalshoha Mirova militia tracked down for a long time. This person was in the international search for fulfilment of grave crimes - explosions of apartment houses in Russia and Tajikistan. On its conscience of life of many peace people who were lost under ruins. On its conscience of life of twenty Russian military men. The terrorist track down since 1994. Then it was a part of a gang of extremists and at the desire of its head made custom-made murders, participated in other terrible crimes.

in 2000 of the Worlds has left Tajikistan to Russia and any time lived in the Chelyabinsk area. After two years it has arrived to Dushanbe and has learnt that it podelniki are in the international search. Probably, having been frightened of prosecution of the Tadjik law enforcement bodies, the terrorist has decided to return to Russia again. Recently he lived in Penza under the counterfeit passport addressed to Tadzhiddina Kurbanov.

on June, 16th Penza UBOP together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan have performed operation on detention of Mirova. It will be Shortly judged under article 187, by parts 2 Criminal codes of Tajikistan participation in criminal community .

Elena Sorokin. vega@kpplus. tl. ru