Rus News Journal

Leonid Chihirev, the head of department of municipal hygiene FGUZ the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Penza region :
- this year was concerning the big high water, has impounded inhabited streets in many areas so the probability of hit of activators of a belly typhus in the Penza reservoirs is great. On area now about 30 carriers of this serious disease, we constantly supervise them, but from accidents nobody is insured. In this connection it is better to townspeople to wait a little with bathing: let water will a little fall down.
besides it there is a danger to pick up a virus hepatitis And. Last three - four years of flashes of this virus disease in Penza was not, and the population at present neimmunizirovano. First of all dangers are exposed children.
possibility to catch any elementary intestinal infections is not excluded also.
that it is possible to advise? First of all avoid water hit in an organism. If all - taki happens so that you will have suffered much waters in a reservoir, watch closely the status and at the first deviations be converted to the doctor.