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Today to sell alcohol will not forbid

But for graduates rigid control

at all Penza schools will be organised Today passes a feast of Last call. After an official part, as a rule, all graduates, and them this year about five thousand, will go to walk on a city. It is known that sometimes these walks come to an end not in the best way. As control over rest of graduates will be organised, we have asked the assistant to head of administration Valery Savin.
- we will work in a usual mode of celebratory action, - Valery Aleksandrovich speaks. - it is offered to All educational institutions to organise rest for pupils either on the nature, or in bars and clubs. It is necessary to try, that children have been occupied, instead of cities simply walked the streets. We have no right to forbid realisation of alcoholic production to shops. It contradicts the law. About it we had time and again disputes with Office of Public Prosecutor and consequently this year there is no forbidding decision. But it does not mean that for graduates nobody will look! Spot-checks on the territories of four areas consisting of representatives of militia, trading inspection, tax will be organised. We hope that nothing will sadden this feast and it will be remembered to all graduates!


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