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Disappearance of lilies of the valley does not threaten Penza!

last week many townspeople are disturbed by that in streets lilies of the valley which are brought in the Red book of Russia sell. Older persons and teenagers trade in them, demanding for a bouquet of 5 roubles. We have decided to be converted behind the comment to experts and to learn: any penal sanctions to sellers of lilies of the valley are applied?
- this year there was no case when we have imposed the penalty on the townspeople trading in lilies of the valley, - the chief of department on supervision in sphere of a forestry of Upravlenija Rosprirodnadzora Anatoly Koreshkov has told. - we did not spend spot-checks as it demands a lot of time, and at us people do not suffice. Workers of militia could help us. They have a just cause to involve in administrative responsibility of the person trading in lilies of the valley. Then for destruction of rare plants it is necessary the penalty - 1,5 - 2 thousand.
the lily of the valley grows in the Penza region May. And, according to the director of a biological garden Alexander Nenasheva, it is extended everywhere. Today threat of disappearance for lilies of the valley is not present, but it does not mean that it is possible to collect these flowers without a measure.


Anna DMITRICHEVA , vega@kpplus. tl. ru