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General Boldyrev: In Mordovia I have seen a miracle

the visits which have Become frequent recently to Mordovia higher military management of Russia visually show serious interest of defensive department to republic

past week in Saransk 12 generals led by the deputy minister of defence of the Russian Federation Moscow and the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces of Russia Mihajlovym have visited, and on May, 24th to Saransk there has arrived the commander of armies of Privolzhsko - the Ural military district general Boldyrev. At the airport he was met by head RM Merkushkin, the chairman of Government RM of Wolves and the chairman of State meeting RM Kechkin.
On - to the military man laconic, Boldyrev has designated the purpose of the visit laconically enough: to Get acquainted with the head of republic, to discuss some question, concerning defensive affairs. It is necessary to work in a military registration and enlistment office and to look at the enterprises military - an industrial complex .
At the meeting which has taken place later the general has attentively listened to the information of head on the industry and a republic infrastructure. In turn, has designated problems and needs of Privolzhsko - the Ural military district, by the way, huge as on number of regions entering into its structure, and on the potential. Third of population of the state - 44 million persons - lives in district territory. In what its visit to Mordovia can particularly contribute in the decision defensive problems - the general has not specified. However Open Society visitation the Electrorectifier allows to make some assumptions. Through this enterprise the future Nobel winner Jores Alfyorov who highly appreciates till now the importance " in due time has got acquainted with Saransk; the Electrorectifier for a country defensive complex. Unique semi-conductor devices, the newest microcircuits, reformers of frequencies have called and general Boldyreva the keen interest. Not one submarine ploughing oceans and the seas, uses this production. very interesting - has some times repeated V.A.Boldyrev during showroom survey. The commander of armies has not given more detailed estimation: all - taki affairs of defence demand confidentiality.
as to plans of the further cooperation of Mordovia and Privolzhsko - the Ural military district the two-way deal about carrying out in republic of the regional has been sounded only it is command - staff doctrines. According to ours voenkoma colonel Krutov, these doctrines will be very useful to strengthening of defensive structures of Mordovia and the Volga region.
much more emotionally the visitor has responded about the seen cultural and sports objects of Saransk, in excursion on which it was accompanied by Merkushkin.
about a memorial museum of military and labour exploit:
- I happened in different cities, saw many museums... But you - is perfect! In Privolzhsky federal district there is nothing similar. A magnificent exposition, it is visible that huge work is done, - with feeling the general has told. And to the director of a museum Mamayev has expressed gratitude for patriotic education of youth . If I something can be useful to you - be converted, it is always ready! - has declared V.A.Boldyrev.
about sport centre Mordovia and stadium Start :
- it is grandiose! Sports objects of such scale are not present and in the largest cities of Russia. You are good fellows that attach youth to sports!
having seen in one of halls the poster with the image of Olympic champion Alexey Mishina, our visitor has expressed confidence that the republic still will grow up not one champion.
about museum of Fine Arts of Stepan Erzi:
- I have seen a miracle! - Boldyrev in the museum visitors` book has written.
that works of Erzi mention in a shower of the severe military man the most sensitive strunki, was appreciable at first sight.
- I will necessarily bring here the children and grandsons, - potrjasenno the general has told. - seen by me today it will not be forgotten never!