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Why in Penza so it is a lot of mosquitoes?

from - for heats over penzentsami threat of infection by a malaria

With heat approach many penzentsy can hang have found out that they are attacked by an assemblage of mosquitoes - much earlier, than usually. On a city conversations that this year is observed present komarinoe invasion so, can be expected flashes of a malaria and other infections also have gone. A leah so it? Than flow krovososov threatens inhabitants of our city?
Maria Ryndina, the entomologist of the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Penza region:
- All the matter is that this year at us the high water was late, and now there is a heat, the insects leaving on wintering, have woken up and actively eat somewhat quicker to postpone eggs. Penza on a broader scale costs on the water, many cellars are filled in both ground waters, and high waters so anything it is surprising in a considerable quantity of mosquitoes are not present.
- What infections carry mosquitoes? Than really to catch at us, in Penza?
- in Penza there are three kinds of mosquitoes which can carry a malaria. Malaria carriers come to us from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. And now just it is a lot of immigrants from these countries. Local mosquitoes suck blood at infected, from here and there is an infection. This year any case of disease by a malaria it has not been registered yet, the infected visitors also are not present. A season diseases yet has not begun. It can come provided that the heat will last about three weeks. But, I hope, this year occasions to trouble at us will not be.
- what organisations in Penza are engaged in destruction of mosquitoes? How to be saved from stings in conditions of life?
- with house conditions you will be helped by repellents. In shops now there is a set of means. Places dnevok mosquitoes can be processed insektitsidami. They also are on sale in shops and in the markets much. Buying them, attentively read the summary. And at professional grade the disinfection station is engaged in destruction of mosquitoes. Inhabitants of this or that house should make the complaint in ZHEU, and it already should make an application on station and pay destruction of insects.


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