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Mordovia has rendered a tribute

In the homeland of the reformer of an orthodox church Poklonnyj a cross from black marble

this year an orthodox church is established marks 400 - letie from the date of a birth of the reformer of church of Patriarch Nikona. In honour of this date on its native land in the Mordovian village Veldemanovo that in Revozsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod province, on May, 28th there has passed pominalnaja a funeral service. On a celebratory liturgy besides representatives of clergy and minor orders of the Nizhniy Novgorod region there were scientists and the cultures, believing wards Veldemanova and the nearby villages, all those who reveres memory of this great person. In historical village has passed worship service with molitvosloviem and canticle (it a diocesan Nizhniy Novgorod and Arzamas George spent). In performances it was underlined that during patriarchate of Nikona any decision of the state importance was not accepted without its blessing. At it in Russia in those days there were the most appreciable changes in political and social life of the country. New temples were erected, charitable shelters, orphaned houses opened.
on anniversary celebrations the solid delegation from Mordovia from 100 persons participated. It was headed by the vice-president of government RM V.V.Konakov. Speaking on behalf of a name of head RM, on behalf of all Mordovian people, Valentine Vasilevich has underlined that patriarch Nikon was not only the outstanding statesman, but also the great citizen of the country. Its course of life should be an example for everything, especially for youth. Left the Mordovian people, patriarch Nikon the genius has surpassed many even the most outstanding people of that time. The Mordovian people revere the great son and do its the most sincere honour.
the highest sign on respect was Poklonnyj a cross brought from Mordovia home of patriarch Nikona. It is made of black marble, height - 2,5 metres. On it words are engraved: the Poklonnyj cross to its Svjatejshestvu to Patriarch of All Russia Nikonu from the Mordovian people . On other party an inscription: the Memorable sign is established at the initiative of the public of Republic Mordovia, representatives of the Mordovian population of Russia and with support of the head of Republic Mordovia .
Celebratory celebrations have added 2 exhibitions. On one book production from national library of A.S.Pushkin, on another - products of the artist from Mordovia Anatoly Kijajkina has been presented.
the concert organised by ensemble " became the Ornament of an anniversary feast; Umarina .
On it celebrations 400 - summer anniversary of patriarch Nikona have not ended. In village Veldemanovo on the occasion of this date began to restore the Kazan church. Long time there there was a warehouse where stored grain, further used in quality zernosushilki. Now in a temple there is a reconstruction.
the further actions on uvekovechivaniju memories of patriarch Nikona will be spent in Mordovia within all 2005. The most considerable will take place in September - October.