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In Penza have established a ceiling of the prices for journey in minibuses

C on June, 17th a trip on a fixed-route taxi will manage penzentsam in 7 roubles

Management of the prices and tariffs of the Penza region has let out the decision about increase in tariffs still on June, 3rd but not to afflict townspeople, its officials only after the City Day have published. Last increase of tariffs in fixed-route taxis was one year ago, and there was a paradoxical situation when in all municipal transportation began possible to go for five roubles this spring. From - for availability of a minibus have ceased to be luxury even for pensioners. At stops huge turns grew. All wanted to go in Gazeljah even if for this purpose it was necessary to stay half an hour under the scorching sun. Trolley buses also have at all turned to transport for exempts, the youth sat down in horned transport extremely reluctantly. The new price for journey should restore the status - kvo.
- When the prices for a trolley bus and a minibus identical are a lawlessness, - the deputy chief of department of transport and communication of Penza Feodor Leonov has commented on the decision. - in - the first, the cost price of transportation of passengers at them different, and in - the second, it is necessary to pay for comfort and speed. After all that has occurred: from - for the low prices the basic volume of passenger traffic was displaced from high-capacity buses on fixed-route taxis. And on a broader scale, if the prices are equal, to develop neither to that, nor other type of transport simply does not have possibility.
in the cities next to our area increase already has occurred. According to transport workers, tariffs for journey fluctuate from 8 to 10 roubles. The price which have established in Penza, on - former remains to one of the lowest in region.
a pacing factor which has affected increase in tariffs, the authorities name a rise in prices on gorjuche - lubricants. Their share as a part of expenses for operation of minibuses occupies 38 %. Besides, two roubles by which the ticket price in fixed-route taxis increases, penzentsy pay growth of a salary of drivers (a share of fund of payment as a part of expenses - 27 %). If the earlier average salary of drivers made 2500 roubles at the moment of the statement of tariffs the size of an average salary has made 5600 roubles.
However, the final decision to raise or not tariffs, remains for heads of the motor transportation enterprises.
- the order establishes only a ceiling, more which to take from townspeople for journey it is impossible, - Feodor Leonov has explained. - so if on that there will be a will of owners of the firms rendering the population this service, the tariff for journey can quite make both five, and six roubles. A leah
Will come true this optimistical forecast, we learn very soon - till June, 17th remains hardly more weeks. To owners of firms there is time to think, how much to raise fare.


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