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The Penza region becomes dairy capital

Opening reconstructed maslosyrzavoda in Belinsky will make positive impact on the general status of dairy animal industries of area

On the earth all is interconnected. There is no business which would dare in itself . The decision of one global problem inevitably conducts to the decision of set of smaller, but from it not less significant problems. Especially it concerns agriculture. Here, as in any other area of human activity, the role " is very great; concomitant factors . To take, for example, manufacture of dairy production. To achieve serious break in this area, it is necessary to increase volumes of purchases of milk. To increase volumes of purchases, it is necessary to increase a livestock dojnogo flocks. And to increase a livestock, it is necessary to create a powerful forage reserve, to return in an earth crop rotation, to get agricultural machinery, to create new workplaces in villages, to form krestjansko - farms. And, certainly, not to forget about processing. Milk processing, manufacture of qualitative dairy production, its sale is a good taxable base, so, and money.
on June, 4th in Belinsky official opening reconstructed maslosyrzavoda Open Company " has taken place; Belinskmoloko . Event in many respects sign both for the enterprise, and for area as a whole. This enterprise should become one of the largest not only in the Penza region or the Volga region, but also in Russia. Planned capacity of factory - processing to 250 tons of milk a day. The basic direction of work - manufacture of cheeses. But not only. At the enterprise will be made also: Butter, sour-milk products, the cottage cheese, the condensed milk, dried milk and other products of dairy processing. on factory reconstruction has left year and three months, - the director of Open Society " has told at opening; Molkombinat Penza Nikolay Petrovich Abarin. - Actually it was necessary to build all anew. But we could cope with this problem, and now the enterprise is completely restored and works .
In reconstruction and upgrade maslosyrzavoda it has been enclosed approximately 40 million roubles, and the total amount of investments is planned to finish to 60 million roubles. Money considerable. But their investment is justified. at the head of all there should be a processing, - the governor of the Penza region Vasily Kuzmich Botchkarev has told. - she creates image of area and results in our region money from other areas. The village should work for processing, and processing should work on manufacturers of meat and milk . Factory production is already delivered in 14 areas. And it not only the Volga region, but also other regions of Russia. And production which goes to other areas - absolutely natural. In its manufacture preservatives and artificial additives are not used.
it is clear that for maintenance normal and trouble-free work of such enterprise, as Open Company Belinskmoloko uninterrupted deliveries of raw materials are absolutely necessary. For this purpose the enterprise in area areas had been opened points on reception and milk cooling. On these points milk is accepted on seven roubles to litre. Favourably as for those who hands over milk, and for the enterprise. It is possible and is necessary to grow up cattle, to hand over milk and to receive quite real and good money.
conversations that Russia can soon access to WTO now are actively had. Copies round it it is broken much. Someone is afraid that after accession to WTO production of the Russian manufacturers (especially agriculture) can not sustain a competition. But only not milk. Can develop so what exactly milk and sour-milk production becomes one of strategic products of Russia. And the one who will manage to adjust qualitative processing of milk, subsequently it will appear in the big prize. The Penza region which already now aspires to the status meat capital can quite become and dairy capital . All preconditions for this purpose in our region are. our problem - to make Penza region which makes agricultural products, feeds the population and delivers it in other regions of Russia - Vasily Kuzmich Botchkarev has told at opening of factory. Factory opening in Belinsky, reconstruction and restoration of the similar enterprises in other areas is a real way of development and success of all area. And this most important thing.