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At date of enamoured of a fashion obnazhenka

In Vladivostok girls reserve for the men frank photos

Many seaside beauties by February, 14th prepare in advance and thoroughly. Down with banal cards with hearts. For the Valentine day some want to present a gift which will be remembered for many long years. Therefore on the eve of a feast to known pictorialists in seaside capital the present turns on frank photosessions.

- I specially practically ate days nothing. To be as it is possible more harmonously. To the friend I want to present the photo in style of a nu. Let will hang up in a bedroom and admires. To me the girlfriend has thrown idea. She has given the husband such surprise last year. Speaks, he was delighted, - Olga is frank.

the price of such gift in Vladivostok - from 1000 to 3000 roubles. Professionals in advance obgovarivajut with clients a plot, advise to them to be smeared with butters before shooting. And that newly appeared models it is not strong kompleksovali, recommend before shooting a liqueur glass - another to cognac. The old checked up way operates perfectly.

- happens that the man makes such gift to the woman. Results it on shooting, pays session. After all youth flies by very quickly, and enamoured it would be desirable to save all beauty of the relations. Now people at us became more liberated, therefore the idea has become fashionable, - one of photographers explains.

except such very personal gifts in Vladivostok the enamoured speak about the feelings directly on all city on publicity boards. to you, favourite! and nearby a huge photo of that to whom these words are converted. The price of such gift - from 20 thousand roubles to several thousand dollars. All depends on design, term of rent, the size and a place.

dear readers! And how you are going to congratulate favourite or favourite on February, 14th? You can tell about the ideas on bodies.: (4232 200 - 651, 203 - 670 or on el. To mail komspr@kpdv. ru

Marina`s SKLJAROVOJ Photo.