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Dismantling on Uljanovskoj:odin the person is killed

Shooting in streets of Penza shooting on city streets has renewed with new force

Most actively was conducted last year, when grouping so-called Rafa - black has actively joined in property repartition. But after the majority of members of criminal group led by authority have pleased on plank beds, inhabitants of Penza have sighed easy. But, as it has appeared, early
Shooting two on two
in a court yard of the house 14 along the street Ulyanovsk were developed on June, 8th the present operations. About nine mornings two young men have approached to the car the Zhiguli in the yard. At this time suddenly from - for a corner next pjatietazhki there were two men and have opened on them fire from pistols with mufflers. A victim of an attack in a panic have run towards the house, but a by-word From a bullet you will not escape has worked for all hundred percent. One of them have struck a bullet in a foot about the first entrance.
having fallen to the ground, the wounded man began to be shot by rubber bullets from a pistol the WASP but killers, probably, did not know that the pistol not fighting and consequently have not risked to come nearer to the bleeding profusely man. The wounded marksman could not put though any considerable loss to the persecutors, but shots from WASPS the attention of neighbours and not numerous passers-by have drawn.
- there were 5 or 6 shots, - tenants of the house share. - noise was big, we at all have not understood at first that it from a pistol shoot.
most likely, noise also has rescued lying on the earth: criminals instantly retired. But to its companion has carried much less - murderers have overtaken it round the corner houses and already wounded have finished two control shots in a head, and then have disappeared in a direction of the Ulyanovsk bath.
Survived - the main witness
Later police officers have found two pistols from which killers have finished with the victims: a TT with the muffler and altered from gas IZH too with the muffler. first aid has taken away the wounded man. Where it now is also what its status, is not informed. Though, according to physicians taking away it, wound does not pose hazard to life.
according to employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, protection is put to the victim, and for today it is the main witness of a crime. Young men on whom armed attack and which persons are already established has been made, have lodged in 14 - an ohm the house recently - they have rented apartment on the ground floor. According to neighbours, there were they there infrequently.
in shcherbete an explosive?
car Survey which and victims have not reached, has brought interesting results. Militiamen have found masks in a luggage carrier with cuts for eyes, cartridges from the hunting carbine Sajga and a videocamera. Besides the big box with shcherbetom there lay. At first there were assumptions that in it trotyl draughts but after it was examined by experts are hidden, was found out that it is simply east sweets and for associates they do not represent any threat.
already there is an official acknowledgement that a victim belonged to Levy Shishkin`s grouping. By the way, one of brothers of Shishkinyh now serves time for purchase of a large consignment of drugs. On one of versions, killers have arrived from the next Mordovia. But in Office of Public Prosecutor this information have not confirmed, though employees of traffic police has been specified to pay attention especially to cars with Saransk and Nizhniy Novgorod numbers. Law enforcement bodies while refuse comments. And on a question on, a leah is communication between a recent robbery of shop Amethyst Where one of employees of shop have wounded from a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, and yesterday`s shooting, puzzly shrug shoulders.


Alexander Tolkachev , Atol@kpplus. tl. ru