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Adrenaline on quay of Sura

on June, 25th and 26 in Penza will pass festival of extreme sports and new youth currents

to throw down a challenge impossible, to overcome the fear, to force surrounding to howl from the delight called by an improbable trick, to test itself. All is an extreme - extreme sports. The extreme gets recently the increasing popularity in Russia. And not only in capitals. Does not lag behind them and Penza. The best proof of it the festival of summer extreme sports and new youth currents " can minister; Adrenaline which will take place 25 - on June, 26th on quay of the river of Sura in area the Sprout and Glory streets.
the idea about the festival organisation has come to children from Penza a break - dans groups REST Start . The organizer of festival is the Union of youth of academies (RELISH) with support of the government of the Penza region, the Ministry of Education of the Penza region and the Penza welfare fund Dobrynja . The fund tries to reduce growth of relapse among juvenile criminals, and the festival and extreme sports on a broader scale are excellent way of derivation of youth from street. Travel agency Inforos engaged in extreme tourism, also has supported completely idea of festival.
visitors of festival are waited by two days of a bright and indelible show. adrenaline show which will be done by group " will open; REST Start . In the first day at festival will predominate ekstremalshchiki. Scooters, skejtery, trialisty, climbers: all of them will show the art and abilities. Masters of graffiti will not stand aside also. All performances will be estimated by competent and dear jury, and best of the best will receive prizes. In the second day quay of Sura occupy representatives of new youth currents: a rap and a break - dans groups. Between them grandiose fight will burst (or, being expressed slengom, battl ). Certainly, there will be winners and lost. But in the ending there will be the best the two from the first and from the second. In breaks between battlami public will please with the skill velotrialisty. Among visitors Adrenaline also there will be such known groups as People of the Sun from Zarechnogo, Foams - and - the Layer and special visitor Drago (the best Russian-speaking rapper of Germany). The festival grandiose afterparty (a party after a party) Also will come to the end.


Andrey the MCLAREN.
Vladimir`s photo PAVLOVSK.