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The history of Vladivostok can be studied on post cards

Gennady Turmov has presented the new book

this week the professor, rector DVGTU, a member of the Union of writers of Russia Gennady Turmov has presented on court vladivostoktsev the new work - magnificently published three-volume edition Vladivostok on post cards . The presentation of books has gone in a regional museum of V.K.Arsenyev.

first two volumes are devoted development of Vladivostok with 1900 for 1932, the third - with 1955 for 2005. In 23 years the author has explained a time blank to that these years the Soviet censorship it was forbidden to let out cards with kinds of the closed city where Krasnoznamennyj Pacific fleet was based.

- when I worked over creation of books, thought, a leah explanatory records to cards are necessary, - Gennady Turmov has told. - but has then decided to refuse them. My books are calculated on the thoughtful reader, and to it, is assured, it will be more interesting to consider cards with kinds of a young city and to compare, what it became now.

All in a collection of the professor the Tourist`s speech 1033 post cards which have been let out in 47 publishing houses of Russia and abroad. Their author - the composer many long years collected.

- when to us have presented this edition, we began to compare at once that is in funds of our museum, - Alla Hramtsova, the deputy director of a museum of V.K.Arsenyev speaks. - It has appeared, we do not have the cards published in Czechoslovakia.

so for today the collection of post cards of Gennady Turmova is fullest of all existing in Primorski Krai. To pleasure of employees of a museum, these books will help to save originals of rare cards - they should not be disturbed without need, it is enough to look at richly illustrated volumes Vladivostok on post cards .

the Korean colleagues have helped With the edition of books. Therefore on presentation there was a consul general of Republic Korea in Vladivostok g - n Chen De Van. He has told that the edition of these volumes, and also books Korea on post cards 100 years ago is Gennady Turmova`s personal contribution to development Russian - the Korean relations.

- looking at these unique pictures, we see, what was our country a century ago, - has told g - n the consul.

Gennady Turmov has passed the collection of post cards in gift to the House of museums DVGTU.

Marina`s SKLJAROVOJ Photo.