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the Parrot forced to learn lessons

Yesterday has told that near Penza there lives a speaking cat of Buba. When he wants to eat, speaks give and if does not gorge on - it is not enough . Well and if it show the door from kitchen can say a regional ohm . In this connection we have decided to be converted to readers with a question: And with what abilities you were surprised with animals?
Andrey Zajtsev, the programmer:
- When I still went to school, at our place veins popugajchik. Mum forced me to do homework often, as I all time distracted. It will come to me to a room and begins: Andrjusha, learn lessons! Andrey, quickly for textbooks! so this bird took and began to repeat for mum. Only I will start to play or walk zasobirajus, it to me starts to sentence with the popugajskim accent: Andrjusha, learn lessons! Here also it was necessary to learn, and that he did not cease to shout.
Vladimir Belov, working:
- At my place there lives a dog. She very much likes to drink literally words. Most of all my Julia as the present lady, loves wine, especially my preparation. Has once left the big flask with wine in a bedroom, a room has closed. We come with the wife in the evening from a summer residence, and the dog does not meet us. It has appeared, it has got drunk from a large bottle of wine and easy snored in a bedroom. Has got to it, of course, after that, but passion to alcohol to beat off nothing. Well not to code it?
Irina Koleeva, the nurse:
- At my place there lives a mastiff on a nickname of Columns. Mastiffs on a broader scale dogs proud, therefore concern all very choosy. Sometimes I cook to it a dinner, and time has not enough, therefore vegetables largely I cut. So it takes and will lay out cabbage sheets on a corridor abreast, the same - if bay leaves come across. I do not understand, how it through such huge mouth so filters all.